🔥🌏🐲 Everything You Need to Know About Sourcing in China!


Athena Severi has gone to China on many sourcing trips and will be presenting about everything you need to know when it comes to sourcing products for private label in China! She is also the founder of China Magic, a company that takes Amazon sellers to China for sourcing and masterminds!

Athena is a key person to know in the e-commerce space. She has dedicated her life to researching, organizing, and building relationships to connect driven entrepreneurs with the right people who can guide them to make life and business changing shifts -- shifts towards more profit, prosperous relationships, and ultimate freedom.

Athena is the founder of China Magic, Titan Network and creates Holiday Events, Masterminds and Cruises to add tremendous value to our community through www.sellerevents.com

Don't miss this Meetup because sooner or later you will add private label to your selling arsenal on Amazon if you don't already! As always our Meetups are free of charge!