Introduction to Personal Digital Privacy and Security (Robert Hurlbut)

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Online privacy, security, and anonymity are important topics to think about these days. There are many reasons we might want to conceal our identity or location online. Our desire for anonymity does not indicate nefarious purposes. The obvious example is we might not want our employer or health insurance company to know what medical conditions we research online. Setting the “do not track” indicator in your browser is not a solution.

This session will help you understand our privacy and security options online. We all do the basics, like keep our operating system and browsers fully patched and up to date. But certainly there is more we can do. How can we maintain our privacy visiting websites when privacy really means anonymity? We will discuss some of the “best practices” that have evolved in this world of daily data breaches and other ways digital security has been compromised. So how can we stay safe online? How can we ensure our sensitive information is protected or at least managed correctly?

This session will introduce some best practices in personal digital security and privacy. We will learn what a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is, how they work, and how to install and use one. Is two-factor authentication part of the answer? We will discuss the best ways to determine which websites are using them and the best two-factor methods (i.e. SMS is not always the best way), plus many other topics.

Please bring some of your own experiences and recommendations to share with the group.


Robert Hurlbut is a Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies and Security and holds the (ISC)2 CSSLP security certification. Robert has 30 years of industry experience in software security, software architecture, and software development. You can follow Robert on his blog at and on Twitter @roberthurlbut. In addition, each week he co-hosts the Application Security Podcast at

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We are meeting at 6:30 pm at the (new location) Paragus IT at 112 Russell St, Hadley, MA