ADS Festive Drinks & Data: 2017 Highlights & Looking Forward to 2018

Amsterdam Data Science (ADS) Meetup
Amsterdam Data Science (ADS) Meetup
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Amsterdam Business School (UvA), Room M1.01 (1st floor)

Plantage Muidergracht 12, 1018 TV Amsterdam · Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Business School (UvA) - Room M1.01 (1st floor) - Plantage Muidergracht 12, 1018 TV Amsterdam

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ADS Drinks & Data: 2017 Highlights & Looking Forward to 2018

Amsterdam Data Science ( are thrilled to invite you to our Festive Drinks & Data afternoon on Thursday 07 December where we will celebrate our many 2017 highlights and share with you our big plans for 2018. After we will have drinks & delicious bites.

Date: Thursday 07 December 2017

Time: 15:30-18:00

Location: Amsterdam Business School (UvA) - Room M1.01


15:30 - Coffee

15:40 - Introduction & Chair by Maarten de Rijke ( (Informatics Institute, UvA) on "ADS 2017 Highlights"

15:45-16:55 - ADS strategic directions: 2017 Highlights & looking forward to 2018, 4-minute madness presentations followed by 1 minute question time on:

Foundations of Data Science, Health & Life Sciences, Digital Business, City Analytics, Responsible Data Science, Education & Entrepreneurship

15:45-15:55 - Foundations of Data Science

2017 Highlight: Peter Bloem ( (Department of Computer Science, VU) on "Information content of knowledge graphs"

Looking forward to 2018: Paola Grosso ( Institute, UvA) on "Sustainable systems and software architectures"

15:55-16:05 - Health and Life Sciences

2017 Highlight: Mark Hoogendoorn ( (Department of Computer Science, VU) on "Predictive Modeling for Depressed Patients using Machine Learning Techniques"

Looking forward to 2018: Jasmijn Baaijens ( (Department of Life sciences & Health, CWI) on "Virus infections disentangled - towards a complete understanding of virus DNA"

16:05-16:10 - Digital Business

Looking forward to 2018: Frans Feldberg ( (School of Business & Economics, VU) on "Data-Driven Business Innovation: How to Create Value from (Big) Data?"

16:10-16:20 - City Analytics

2017 Highlight: Stevan Rudinac ( (Amsterdam Business School & Informatics Institute, UvA) on "Multimedia Analytics in Urban Computing"

Looking forward to 2018: Nanda Piersma ( (Digital Media & Creative Industry HvA & Department of Intelligent & Autonomous Systems CWI) on "Urban analytics, urban well-being and citizen empowerment"

16:20-16:30 - Responsible Data Science

2017 Highlight: Frank van Harmelen ( (Department of Computer Science, VU) on "Responsible Data Science: Fairness, Accuracy, Confidentiality, and Transparency" (

Looking forward to 2018: Aysenur Bilgin ( (Department of Information Access, CWI) on "The NEWSGAC (News Genres: Advancing Media History by Transparent Automatic Genre Classification) project" (

16:30-16:40 - Education

2017 Highlight: Evangelos Kanoulas ( (Informatics Institute, UvA) on "The Data Science Master Track" (

Looking forward to 2018: Geleyn Meijer ( (Faculty of Digital Media & Creative Industry, HvA) on "The Digital Society School" (

16:40-16:50 - Entrepreneurship

2017 Highlight: Vincent van den Brekel ( (Department of Stochastics, CWI) on "Stokhos: Emergency Mathematics" (

Looking forward to 2018: Yulia Bodnar ( (Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship, ACE) on "How ACE supports entrepreneurship in data science"

16:50-16:55 - Lynda Hardman ( (Department of Information Access, CWI) on "Next Steps for ADS, from 2018 & onwards"

17:00-18:00 - Networking over festive drinks & bites


Registration is free but please RSVP on our Meetup page ( The event will be in English.

Amsterdam Data Science ( is a partnership of AUAS (HvA), CWI, UvA and VU. Our mission is to develop world-class data science talent and technology within the Amsterdam region. We are the focal point for research, innovation and education.