What we're about

This community gathers everyone interested in UX and users. We talk about UX and things related to it: interaction design, visual design, user research, sketching and prototyping. We also reveal the role of UX in the development process, marketing, business, everyday life. We share our experience, we present our actual projects, we analyze trends and more.

How we do it: through a regular monthly meeting with an interesting presentation followed by a social. Feel free to come, whether you're a UX professional with decades of experience or if you'd like just have a look at what happens in UX today.

Upcoming events (4+)

UX Monthly

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The first Wednesday of every month, we get together to talk about UX and related topic. Join us!

UX Workshop

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The UX workshop series is a new format to experience novel methods and topics, guided by industry practitioners. Expect to get practical and learn by doing.

We gather every second Wednesday of every month. Join us!

UX Lecture

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This is a series of meetups aiming at bridging the gap between the industry and academia. We invite speakers from academia who do research on relevant topics for UX and ask them to share their results with UX practitioners.

Join us on the 3rd Wednesday of the month to hear about cutting-edge research straight from the source!

Designing with AI


This event is part of a limited 3-meetup series in the Spring, focusing on how Artificial Intelligence can reshape User Interaction for the better…

Algorithms allow us to create offerings that are more predictive and personalized. They become become better in time without additional design interventions. AI also allows for experiences that are more contextual, immersive and emotive. Who knows, maybe we can leave visual interfaces behind altogether.

We let the 3 hosts take us on a journey behind the scenes: what the right process looks like, going over a few case studies and finally covering design considerations, values and ethics.

As designers, we are responsible to help humans in the long term...

*Registrations open 6 days before the event at 12:00. Limited seats.

Stay tuned for the topics and host details!

Meanwhile, mark your calendars:

  • March 22nd 18:00
  • April 26th 18:00
  • May 24th 18:00

Past events (168)

Learning to design with AI: Think by Making

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