Let's meet up for a Spirit Circle~

Hosted by Anaheim Learning Light Holistic & Spiritual Community

Public group


Experience Mediumship and Spirit Communication, we meet every Wednesday!

7:00 PM -9 PM ($10 or $15 for two Consecutice weeks). Facilitated by Royce Del Merari
New participants always welcome!

Find your Higher Self! Receive Spiritual validation! Find out who you really are! Coming together, working in Love, Light and Good Intentio0n to make spirit contact with passed loved ones including our reps. Learn to channel messages and visions from Spirits, Guides, Angelics, Shamans, Ascended Masters, E.T.’s and other entities of the higher dimension. After a protective incantation and chakra activation, we go into a meditative state, activating visions and messages. Experience working in conjunction with your higher self. In the second half, everyone receives a reading! This is a unique psychic Development opportunity to participate in providing and receiving messages about your past lives, present situation or future.

Introducing our Facilitator: Royce Del Merari
Royce was born to a Native American mother who performed healings on family members. His father came from a family of psychics in Italy who traveled from town to town. Royce was introduced to “The Other Side” traveling with his father to cleanse troubled spirits from houses of friends and relatives. Royce provides Native American Shamanic guidance, visionary journeys, and mediumships.

Introducing our assistant: Dave Sinn
B.A. in psychology UCLA, with graduate business and electronics study. Born to a Catholic family, he felt close to the other side. After raising a family, he became seriously ill and lost everything. Then spirit appeared, helped define his real mission and he developed as a medium, reading for 20 years. He does house blessings and crystal channeling. A miraculous healing came in 2014, as foretold in The Spirit Circle by member’s visions.

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