Kundalini Yoga (7-week series!)


Only $11 per class!

Kundalini Yoga is known as the Yoga of Awareness. Designed as a “Householder’s Yoga”, anyone can change their lives with this powerful, ancient technology. This sacred Yoga practice uses Pranayama (breath work), Asanas (yoga postures), Mudras (hand positions), and Mantra (repetition of chants) in Kriyas (a set of completed exercises) to achieve a desired result.

This practice offers a simple and effective way to balance and release the pressures of life. Here are some other benefits of Kundalini Yoga:

- Strengthens the nervous system
- Balances the glands
- Cleans out subconscious thought patterns
- Cultivates a greater sense of peace
- Increases flexibility
- Expands lung capacity
- Helps develop a strong core
- Effective in stress alleviation.

In this 7 week series, you will explore your own Awakening in the Aquarian Age. Please bring a yoga mat! An 11-minute healing gong immersion savasana is included at the end of each class.

The first step to Happiness begins with Commitment. Are you ready to transform your life?

Facilitator: Dev Shabad Singh

Dev Shabad Singh’s Kundalini Yoga (as Taught by Yogi Bhajan) Classes and Kundalini Gong Immersions focus on using the power of the Naad – the Universal Sound Current – to heal our minds, bodies, and soul. Dev Shabad’s personal journey and discovery of the powerful healing that can be experienced through Yoga and sound vibrations began in 2014 with a simple desire to change a lifestyle that wasn’t working into one that was flourishing. He was looking for an exercise regime, but what he found through Yoga was the most profound shift in Consciousness that he had ever experienced: Union. That’s what Yoga means after all, to yolk, join together. It is said that “Together We Rise!”, and so Dev Shabad invites you to join in on this supportive journey of the self-discovery of your own Truth, your own Identity, your own Union to the Divine Wholeness of All That Is… your own Sat Nam.

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