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Data Careers: How did they get there?

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Welcome to Analyze Boulder 68!

Analyze Boulder is a community of data geeks who live, work, and play in Boulder, Colorado.

We’re switching things up in the new year and will be hosting a panel discussion during our February meetup. We've got three phenomenal data experts who will share how they got into data, what they love about it, the not so fun parts, and anything else in between. We'll learn about their stories, their unique perspectives on data, and we'll walk away with at least one learning or bit of wisdom to take into our own lives. Our lineup for February:

----- Margaret-Rose Spyker -----
Margaret-Rose, an accomplished GIS Analyst and data scientist, is passionate about data, sustainability, planning, GIS, trail mapping, web GIS and all things geography. She's involved in a variety of different organizations and facets of work from managing the public data catalog for Go Code Colorado on the Colorado Information Marketplace to being experienced in agile PM and GIS data storytelling and pattern identification. She is an organizer and contributor for Open Street Map DRCOG Building and OIT-GIS Address Data Import-a-thon and a board member for International Map Industry Association.

----- Lynn Yarmey -----
Lynn, the Director of Community Development at the Research Data Alliance (RDA), bridges people, data, and technology to connect communities and build consensus. She works across traditional boundaries through relationships and strategic partnerships to align stakeholders and get things done. RDA's core focus is to build the social and technical bridges to enable the open sharing and re-use of data.

Lynn came to her interest in data through her early work as a seagoing programmer/analyst at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. She served as the first Science Data Librarian at Stanford University and subsequently as the Lead Data Curator at the National Snow and Ice Data Center. She has served as Principal Investigator and Project Manager for numerous National Science Foundation awards related to data management, cyberinfrastructure development, and data community growth.

----- Julia Richman -----
Julia is the Chief Innovation and Technology Officer for the City of Boulder. She joined the city in 2017 as the Chief Innovation and Analytics Officer and in 2018 assumed leadership of the city’s enterprise technology function as well. Under Julia’s combined leadership, the city is creating an integrated innovation and technology function in the city. In her role, she acts as a City-wide partner to improve overall organizational capacity around:
• High Performance Government
• Data Driven Decision Making
• Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency
• Disruptive technology
• A Culture of Innovation
• Our Community as Resource
• Enterprise Technology

As always, we start with social time / beer from 6-6:30pm, followed by the live event, and then we stick around and chat over beers afterward. You can also join the event via our live stream (see below).

Interested in speaking at a future meetup? Contact us here:

Please bring cash to contribute for beer.

Analyze Boulder
Analyze Boulder
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