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Crime, Diamonds, and Fiction.

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Welcome to Analyze Boulder 68!

Analyze Boulder is a community of data geeks who live, work, and play in Boulder, Colorado.

The first Wednesday of every month, our members give fast, accessible, high-energy TED-style talks once a month on any data topic. Contact us ( if you want to present at a future event.

We start with social time / beer from 6-6:30pm, followed by the live event, and then we stick around and chat over beers afterwards. You can also join the event via our live stream (see below).

Please bring cash to contribute for beer. The evening's speaker lineup:

Gary McBride will take us on a journey to answer the question, "Can you objectively analyze a subjective work of art?" Through sentiment analysis applied to entire works of fiction, we'll learn about the emotional arc of novels with their arch-shaped plot structures.

Apoorva Bapat analyze public Colorado crime data with the aim of discovering how we can develop community programs to effect crime rates. Heres your chance to weigh in on the next round of crime data research.

Peter George will help us understand what really affects the price of diamonds. How do cut, clarity, carats, and color affect pricing? What about seasonality like Valentine's Day? We'll learn what influences diamond pricing through more than 70 features across 170,000 diamond listings.

1023 Walnut St. · Boulder, CO