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Are you looking to get in better shape or train for races, while running with a nice group of people and connecting with nature? All levels are welcome!

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Mellow Monday Runs (Jodphur Trailhead/The Bluff Trail)

Jodphur Motocross Track - Lower Parking

Recovery from the weekend! We'll meet at various places around Anchorage for a (approximately) 6 mile mellow (~10-11 minute mile pace). This week let's meet at the Jodphur Trailhead at Kincaid (Just look it up...I don't think the map is working very well for it on here) and run the singletrack trails for a total of about 6 miles. We'll start running at 6:01pm (do you prefer to start earlier/later? This is TOTALLY flexible for the future, I'm just throwing this time out!) This is the time of year when it's hard to tell what the trail conditions will be like. If it recently snowed, then singletrack is out, as us pounding on them with our feet won't make it very enjoyable for the bikers. Same goes if it's soggy. --I met most of my initial Anchorage friends through this group when it first got started 6 years ago, and this event is being organized in large part to help facilitate more of a running community, and to help you meet other active people in the area. If you're intimidated by the distance, or think you might be too slow for a specific event, feel free to comment on the event/email the organizers. There's a VERY good chance that this group speed is totally within your comfort zone, and if it's not, hey, if you don't come out, you'll be running on your own anyway, so you might as well give it a shot. Also, if you feel intimidated by the numbers, or the group setting, realize we are all pretty open to anything--if you want to come out and just be in a group, and listen to podcasts/music that's totally fine. If you want to talk a lot, or not talk at all, that's totally fine. These events are a group effort, so please come out, please make people feel welcome, please give ideas if you have ways to improve these events, or if you really would like to help out, help us lead some runs! This group has been lacking in events lately, but it'd be great to get a solid group of regular runners once again. Also, organizers have stuff come up too, and weather is unpredictable, so realize we can't always make it to these events, just like you can't. In addition, if it's pouring rain, or windy/snowy and miserable, check back to make sure the event is still going on.--

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