AngularJS Directives Workshop

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AngularJS Directives Workshop

Directives is a unique and powerful feature available only in AngularJS.

This workshop dives into to core building blocks of AngularJS and covering all you need to know about designing, developing & testing custom directives.

This is a “Hands-on” workshop. Each unit includes live coding examples followed by hands-on assignments (Bring your own Laptop !).

We will cover:

1. Directives overview.

2. Compile and link - directives lifecycle

3. Scope - managing directives scopes

4. Controllers - sharing logic

5. Transclusion - understanding the concept & usage

Pre requirements:

- This is an advanced concept.

- You should be experienced with javaScript.

- You should be familiar with angularjs core concepts: controllers, scope and services.

The workshop will be done by Nir Kaufman (, a lecturer and AngularJS Ninja

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