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👋 6:00p · Meet and hang out

✨ 6:40p · The shortest path to implement NgRx
by Juan Herrera, ( Yuxi Global

Implementing NgRx implies a lot of boilerplate code, it is often cumbersome, and you don't really know where to start. In this talk, you will learn the simplest way to start using it while keeping it maintainable and clean.

🌍 6:55p · 5 1/2 tips for making your Angular app findable in Search
by Martin Splitt, ( Google

In this whirlwind tour we will explore what you can do to help users find your Angular app via Search. We will go through a few technical SEO basics and how to avoid pitfalls

👩🏻‍🔬 7:10p · Angular Dependency & Processor Pattern
by Jecelyn Yeen, ( Randstad

There are many ways to inject dependencies in Angular, today we will talk specifically on multi provider, and how to utilising that to implement processor pattern.

🍿 7:25p · Intermission

🔥 7:35p · Hacking NgRx memoization
by Gerard Sans, (

NgRx uses the same approach to Redux regarding selectors in terms of performance. This is central to Redux architecture but sometimes we want more! Let's see how we can get that extra power

🏎 7:50p · Boost your Reactive Angular Forms
by Juri Strumpflohner, ( Egghead Instructor

Building a huge data-driven app? Tired of Forms? Repetitive bindings in HTML and TS, lots of typing? Let me take 10 minutes of your time to demo you an alternative, fully configuration based approach of writing your Angular forms.

🤯 8:05p · New styling capabilities of Angular Ivy
by Matias Niemelä, ( Angular Core Team

🌟 8:15p · Speakers Panel

🍻 8:30p · Post-event hangout:
Natoma Cabana, 90 Natoma St, San Francisco

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