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#special Feedback First - Talk on user feedback in UI by Ilya Birman

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⚠️Note: This talk isn’t directly related to Angular, but would be useful for UI developer of any kind⚠️

In this special (together with ReactNYC event we would love to give stage to Ilya Birman ( who’s visiting NYC all the way from Russia.

Ilya is a product and information designer. He is the author of the book User Interface:

His most notable other projects are Typography Keyboard Layout for Mac and Windows, Aegea blogging engine, and Moscow & some other cities transit maps.

🕒 6:45 - Ilya Birman
🎤 Feedback First

This lecture is for both user interface designers and developers. I have done some talks on this topic, but poor understanding of the importance of feedback in interfaces remains one of the main problems with them. This lecture includes things like levels of feedback quality (immediate, continuous, physical); progress indication, skeletons, and optimistic feedback; perceived performance. Also: how to fix the iPhone X’s side button that takes a little bit of time to put your phone to sleep and make it behave like the old iPhones sleep/wake button that put it to sleep instantly.


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