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Welcome to the Toronto Angular Meetup. Join our group and follow us on twitter @rangleio ( and tweet insights using the #AngularTO hashtag!

Angular is well-known Javascript framework developed and maintained by Google and released to the community as an open source project. One of the key features of Angular is that it's built to scale. Its modular architecture and the use of Typescript as the base language makes it ideal for enterprise software with large teams.

Being an opinionated framework, Angular is a good choice to develop applications in a consistent way. The core team has put a lot of effort on creating an official style guide and baking those recommendations inside of the Angular CLI. For the most part, when working with Angular, it feels like there's only one way to develop an app.

Some claim that Angular is not just a framework but a platform. We can use Angular to create a web application compiled in the browser, or compile the application on the server to provide the browser with plain HTML; we can create a "native" mobile application with the help of Nativescript or create a desktop application with Electron. Angular brings us closer to the holy grail of one code base, multiple platforms.

Angular has seen a tremendous transformation from version 1 to version 2. With a new release schedule in place that will give us a new major version of the framework every 6 months and a new minor version every month, keeping up with all the changes is going to be a challenge. The AngularJSTO meetup is here to help you keep you up to date with latest and greatest of the Angular ecosystem.


We are always looking for speakers & presenters for future meetups, so if you are using or teaching AngularJS, please submit to speak:

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