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CAAF & Animals' Battalion PROTEST: Bergdorf Goodman & The Fur Source of NY
WE’RE GOING AFTER TWO BIG ANIMAL ABUSERS IN NYC CONVENIENTLY LOCATED SIDE BY SIDE! First we hit the major upscale department store Bergdorf Goodman. For years Bergdorf Goodman has ignored both the pleas of activists and growing turning tide of society against the use of fur. So they can expect more protests! Then at the midpoint, we stroll around the corner to visit the animal abusing family run, The Fur Source of NY. You may be familiar with the Fur Source. They are the ones who walk around the streets of Manhattan with giant signs handing out postcards to promote their fur peddling business. In the winter they expand their operation by renting out locales throughout the city and capitalize on the winter season and holiday spending. This is a fourth generation animal murdering family business. When they first had activists at their door in 2011, these cowards overreacted and locked the door. Unfortunately the millions of frightened injured trapped animals whose deaths they're responsible for, have no such barricade to save their lives. Please join The Animals' Battalion and CAAF as we go after the fur peddlers who think they're untouchable! Saturday, December 1, 2018 (Combo Demonstration!) WHAT: The Animals' Battalion & CAAF vs Bergdorf Goodman / The Fur Source of NY WHERE: Bergdorf Goodman 5th Ave. (btwn. 57th & 58th) Then, march around the corner to The Fur Source! (57th St. by 5th Ave.) WHEN: Saturday, December 1st, 2018 TIME: 1:30pm ~ 3:00pm ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE COME OUT FOR THIS DEMO! There is no ethical defense for what these people do. This store does not sell appliances, toys or some cruelty free clothing like our other targets. This is a furrier. They only sell fur. THIS IS PURE EVIL and they've been getting away with this UNCHALLENGED FOR FAR TOO LONG. FUR IS MURDER! ACT UP & FIGHT BACK!!!! Follow @caafgroup on twitter or log in to see -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bergdorf Goodman

5th Avenue at 57th & 58th Streets · New York City, NY