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What we’re about


Thanks for looking into our ADHD MeetUp group!

We currently sponsor monthly peer support group meetings in the Ann Arbor Area. These meetings are an opportunity for people with ADHD to get together with their tribe and share both their challenges and their successes. Currently, the peer support groups are geared towards adults - though we sometimes have parents drop in on behalf of their older children.

See the event listing for the date and location of upcoming meetings. Beginning in 2020, the meetings are being held as hybrids with both in-person and remote members (connecting through ZOOM).

As incredibly helpful as medication, therapy and coaching can be, there’s simply no substitute for the experience of being around people who "get" you. It’s hard to put into words. People with ADHD put a lot of energy into hiding their ADHD traits from others. Within the safety of the peer group, we share wins and challenges, exchange information, tips and tricks, and just enjoy feeling comfortable to be our authentic selves.

There is no formal program and the topics that we discuss are ones that the participants bring.

Routinely someone will bring up something related to their own ADHD, something they would be really embarrassed to discuss in front of most people. But within our group when they tell their story they are met with knowing nods and smiles from people who have been there and understand. We discuss some fairly serious topics but we always have fun doing it. You can’t get a bunch people with ADHD together in a room and not have laughter.

The groups are as ADHD-friendly as we can make them. We don’t have a lot of rules but one is you’re not allowed to apologize for being late. We would rather people come late than not come at all. You can come and go as you need, no one is going to be offended. If you need to get up and stretch your legs after a while you can just do it.