What we're about

Argentina Big Data Meetup group has been created as a shared initiative of multiple product development companies in Argentina with a single and clear objective "Share your success cases with a well engaged community of data geeks".

This group is about showing data scientists and big data developers how they can leverage their existing data with new tools, analytics processes and platforms that make it "easier".

Who is this Meetup for?

* REAL data scientists

* REAL big data developers

How to get involved?

* In order to grow smoothly we originally planned to create a private group saving 25% capacity of each meetup for invitees

* If you are interested please contact the organizers and we will review your application

* Every member of the meetup can propose a new topic to speak at events

Your feedback is highly appreciated! Have a nerdy day!

Past events (12)

Primera Meetup de Big Data de 2021

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Tercera Meetup de Big Data Online de 2020

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Segunda Meetup de Big Data Online de 2020

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Primera Big Data Meetup de 2020 (Online Edition)

Online event

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