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If you had a date with Tango before but it abandoned you... or if you never ever danced the Tango before, but... it captivates you and enchants you with its secrecy and intimacy within magic triangle of Tango Dancers, Tango Music and Tango lyrics... COME AND JOIN US! Start the Tango journey with Hernan and Anita. With their unique methodology they will teach you the power of Tango embrace and let you feel an unbroken connection with your partner. Classes offered in Tango, Milonga and Vals. Private lessons with Hernan or Anita available. Scheduling required! Choreography lessons. Stage and performance lessons available.

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Vals Wednesdays: learn Vals Cruzado / Tango Vals - open level

Vals is probably the most joyful from three tango genres (Tango, Milonga and Vals) with its ¾ happy feel of spinning and floating. The basic difference is hidden in its rhythm. Vals is written in ¾ notation, which means that one measure consists of 3 quarter notes. Since quarter notes can be divided in many other 8-, 16- 32-, 64-, etc value notes lets leave all this for the musicians and see what it means for us. In Tango we count each measure as[masked], but we only step on 1 and 3. The Vals is much faster so even though we can distinguish 1-2-3, in the very basic interpretation of Vals we are only stepping on 1 and completely ignore the 2 and 3. How lazy of us…. What happens is that if we are only dancing on 1 and the phrase is still equal to 8 (or multiplications of 8) measures it is fairly easy to dance slow tango to vals music. Everything fits. It just seems slower then usual, but not extremely slow. But even though everything seems to fit somehow the Vals sensation is not there..... Purchase tickets here: https://www.wellnessliving.com/rs/schedule-list.html?k_skin=80584

High 5 at 5 High - practica for vals and milonga only

Milonga and Vals only Practica High 5 @ 5 High was born with the idea of creating safe environment for you to practice what you’ve learned in Vals and Milonga classes not just every 5 tandas but EXCLUSIVELY. Practica HIGH 5 at 5 HIGH is a Milonga and Vals only Practica! Starts promptly at 9pm. Please sign in at the door. Tanda of Vals and Tanda of Milonga are played continuously until 11pm with one tango in between as cortina. The list of the music is posted on the board next to front desk. Tandas are played in traditional manner: 3 different songs from the same orchestra and/or same time period. There is area with mirrors designated to practice or remember the steps. The dance floor is meant to practice dancing to the music so please refrain from stopping and discussing on the dance floor. If you are tired or want to simply watch the others there are tables where you can relax and carry on with the discussions. *$7 – one practica *$50 – ten practicas. Same 10 practicas pass can be used for both practicas (Practica Chiquita and Practica High5@5High) ALL PASSES HAVE TO BE USED WITHIN 12 WEEKS. NO EXCEPTIONS. NO ROLLOVERS. NO TRANSFERS and NO REFUNDS. Spend your $50 wisely

Advanced Argentine Tango progressive 8 weeks course

Ultimate Tango

The advanced tango course is meant for… well… advanced dancers. What we mean by advance dancer? If you are capable of dancing the element that the series is focusing on in at least one version then this class is for you. If you took our pre-advanced series dedicated to any of the element mentioned in the title – this class is definitely for you. Stop hiding at the intermediate level – challenge yourself up. There are always at least 2 aspects of learning something new. One would be to understand. Second – to execute. At the Advanced Tango Course we wanna challenge you into understanding any given element well enough so you can be able to read and repeat any combination that is being shown to you but also to start creating your own signature steps. We also want to give you enough exercises so your body would become actually capable of dancing what your brain already understands. Purchase tickets here: https://www.wellnessliving.com/rs/schedule-list.html?k_skin=80584

Pre-Intermediate Argentine Tango progressive 8 weeks course

The pre-intermediate level presents the elements that are often considered ‘common sense’. Things that seem obvious to Advance dancers but took years for them to master. Secrets you supposed to know or somehow figure them out on your own. Those essential details that you need to know, practice and muscle memorize to incorporate into your Tango are introduced during PRE-INTERMEDIATE course. READ MORE HERE: http://www.ultimatetango.com/classes/boston-pre-intermediate-tango-classes/ Purchase tickets here: https://www.wellnessliving.com/rs/schedule-list.html?k_skin=80584

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Ultimate Tango

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