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Aarhus DevOps is all sharing our passion for building and running software _the right way_! Our meetups are packed with high quality content from Aarhus software scene - You all! We cover everything from agile processes and culture to cloud and infrastructure automation.

Come for the content, stay for the community!

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The DEVOPS Conference - pre meetup

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The DEVOPS Conference on November 1st brings together everyone in the DevOps ecosystem - executives, managers, engineers, and programmers.

You'll learn from real cases how better decision-making and better tools for DevOps deliver customer value faster, with better quality. At this meetup we present three of the local speakers and hear some of their other stories and get a feeling of what will come at the conference. At the conference you can also see keynotes from Kelsey Hightower and Cheryl Hung.

The conference will be hybrid, but we definitely recommend the in-person participation to get the full conference experience. At this meetup we will raffle away a free ticket for the conference.

16.30: Doors open
17.00: Welcome by Aarhus DevOps and Systematic
17.10: “Push It to the Limit: From Canary Deployments to Canary Clusters” - by Henrik Høegh, Lunar
17.30: “Thinking in Platforms” - by Johan Abilskov, Uber
18.00: Break - Food and drinks
18.30: “Culture as a Service” - by Dan Glavind, Eficode
19.00: Raffle!
19.10: Networking
20.00: Thank you and goodbye

“Push It to the Limit: From Canary Deployments to Canary Clusters” - by Henrik Høegh, Lunar
At Lunar bank we had a good problem, our customers rely on us to move quickly and provide new features and to do so in a highly reliable manner. To meet their needs we set out on a journey to move from canary deployments, where we could test new features in a safe fashion, to canary clusters. We envisioned a world where our production clusters were truly disposable and after 3 years we finally achieved that goal. In this session we will share how we did it, and how you can too.

Today any engineer at Lunar bank can fail over the entire platform in 40 minutes. By deeply integrating with our infrastructure provider, writing some new custom operators, and moving most state out of the cluster Lunar is in a position to make disaster recovery a day to day operation. Listen as Henrik shares the successes, key learnings, and challenges we faced along the way.

“Thinking in Platforms” - by Johan Abilskov, Uber
Platform Engineering is everywhere, but what is a platform, how do we build it, and less interesting, what problems are we trying to solve. This talk covers all this, and will help you make developer lives easier.

“Culture as a Service” - by Dan Glavind, Eficode
Wouldn't it be magical, if you could simply sign up your organization, department, or team up for the newest tool to come out of Y Combinator, and suddenly have your culture improved? Effortlessly, without friction, and for the benefit of all.

Unfortunately, this is not how it works. Culture is hard, but this does not mean it should be outsourced. Culture is the key differentiator in a world where tech talent is sparse.

In this talk Dan will show how culture is an important driver for business outcomes and how it is underinvested in. He will also give some concrete advice on things that you can do that will have a lasting impact.

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DevOpsDays Aarhus - Conference warm up

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