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Welcome to Art coaching Meetup group.

Are you curious about expressing more of your creative potential?

We believe that everyone has almost unlimited creative potential and this is not normally expressed because of deeply held beliefs about ourselves and artistic people in general. Most of these beliefs and assumptions begin in early childhood and shape our experiences of being or not being artistic/creative. These beliefs are not easy to explore and work with because in later life they seem to be the “truth” about ourselves.

What makes this art coaching different from more traditional training and coaching is that it is a very direct and fast way to bring into awareness these key beliefs and assumptions. It can be both great fun and also challenging - it can be surprising and also very inspiring. Incredible results are often achieved in a matter of hours and touch levels of our being that other approaches can take months to access.

So if reading this makes you curious, or excited, or scares you a bit, or you find this a little hard to believe, then we invite you to come and give it a try. Take a few hours to see what happens when you engage in this with us. Or if that is too big a first step, speak to one of us about how art coaching might support you in unleashing the artist and person you know you have hiding within you but are not sure how best to release and express.

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