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The art world is rich with creativity and self-expression, and SLO is rich with artists! So, what are artists in SLO really up to? Wouldn't you love to meet and learn from them, right where they actually create their work? Artists' working spaces and studios are always interesting and revealing...and of course the artist is right there too, which is not the case with most galleries and retail spaces.

So let's go take a class, or go on a studio visit, to an art show opening, or to watch an artist demonstrate a certain technique. Anyone open minded, curious, intrepid and with a sense of humor is welcome. You might be an active professional or amateur artist yourself, just hungry for a break from your own studio work and wanting contact with other artists for viewing, discussion, critique, and inspiration. You may simply be an art lover who wants to look at and learn about all kinds of art. Many people feel they don't have the time, interest or ability to create art themselves, but they love art and enjoy learning about the creative process.

If you are an artist here in SLO county - how about hosting a studio visit?! This can be a very simple and casual gathering, or as fancy as you want it to be! Or, just keep your eyes and ears open, and let us know about fun, engaging events that our Meetup Group can attend.

Thank you -- and WELCOME!

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