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The goal of this meetup is to dive into the AI & Deep Learning education and research space. We have meetups in person and online reviewing lectures, research papers, and courses from top Universities and MOOC's.

We welcome enthusiasts from all experience levels. We encourage experts or more experienced members to join, keep their skills current or help in guiding our beginner AI & DL Enthusiasts.

We empower members to lead and host sessions on topics that interest them most or utilize the community to build new projects together!

Looking forward to a great learning experience with you.

This meetup is Sponsored and Maintained by Accel.AI (https://accel.ai)

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AI Research Discussion: Model Cards for Model Reporting

AIDLE is relaunching our AI Research Discussions in 2019! Research Paper: Model Cards for Model Reporting PDF: https://arxiv.org/abs/1810.03993 **You Must Register via Zoom to Attend** https://zoom.us/meeting/register/1ef7f6add07ea06e66858a512be5123a The main function for these discussion sessions is to understand AI research papers through community engagement and cross-collaboration. The idea is to understand the key concepts in the paper, not to go over all the minutia. Some papers may require more than one discussion period. We will use Zoom with audio, video, and live recording capabilities. Each discussion group will have a “leader” who moderates the discussion, and may also give a short lead of the presentation. When possible, we'll invite the author(s) of the paper to join us to answer questions, not to give an in-depth presentation, but rather help facilitate the discussion and understanding. Attendee Guidelines: - Try to read the paper and find a few good questions and/or insights. - Be on time, latecomers can be disruptive for online discussions - Use a headset in a quiet location if possible, and have a good internet connection: good audio quality is essential - Have the discussion paper on your desktop ready to show via screen sharing in the event you need to point to something in a figure e.g. - There are no silly questions! - AIDLE has strict guidelines regarding discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, and prior experience or educational background. We are all here to learn and grow! Violators will be removed from the group immediately. To reserve your spot: please deposit $2 donation via AIDLE Open Collective (https://opencollective.com/accel-ai). Those who have donated by (8 pm PDT the day before the discussion) will be added to the call on a "first come first serve" basis. Looking forward to the discussion! Best, Laura Do you want to propose a research discussion? Follow our guidelines: https://github.com/AccelAI/AI-DL-Enthusiasts-Meetup/tree/master/Research-Discussion-Sessions

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