Intro to Machine Learning Workshop


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• What we'll do
About the Presenter:

Tairi Delgado - Data Science Instructor

Tairi is a data scientist with a demonstrated history working in the tech industry. He has worked with companies such as Apple and Udacity where he co-developed their Machine Learning Nanodegree credential program. An administrative professional skilled in data science and pedagogy, he hopes to share his passion for machine learning to empower communities and provided a more inclusive environment in tech.



1:00 PM | Networking and Introductions
1:30 PM | Workshop Begins
3:30 PM | 10 min Break
5:00 PM | Q&A
5:30 PM | Doors Close

Workshop Topics:

1. How a computer works
2. Overview of AI, DS, and ML
3. Supervised Machine Learning
4. Unsupervised Machine Learning
5. Reinforcement Learning
6. Deep Learning
7. Issues with ML and the Data Pipeline
8. ML Code Example

• What to bring
* Basic/Intermediate algebra (useful but might not be necessary)
* Basic Computer Skills (might share slides or jupyter notebook with students prior to workshop)

• Important to know

Impact Hub

Latinx in AI Coalition

Latino Startup Alliance