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About the Presenters:

Jorge Peñalva is the CEO and co-founder of

Jorge Peñalva is the CEO and co-founder of, an Unsupervised AI platform to automate unstructured text data processes. He is been in the NLP industry for 6 years, launching a cashflow positive company into the market- Sentisis- a product for Social Media Understanding of Spanish language conversations. During his work, he has spearheaded the company’s vision, product and research and development (R&D) strategy that facilitated the international growth and expansion of the company to the United States, Colombia, Mexico, and Chile. He graduated with honors in ECE from UPM engineering school in Madrid and holds an MS in Computer Science from IIT in Chicago. works on unsupervised learning for natural language processing, looking to redefine the NLP landscape. is democratizing the use of unstructured text data through a self-service platform that lets you discover intents/semantic contexts automatically without any pre-training or data labeling, enabling a new generation of NLP products, as currently people spend months in training and labeling data or creating rules.


Luis Serrano, Head of Content - Artificial Intelligence at Udacity

I believe education is tremendously important, and I believe every human being deserves a world-class education. This way we can improve as a society. I work towards this goal of democratizing education every day.

One of the most important and ubiquitous current topics is machine learning. There is a very common misconception and it is that machine learning is a complicated subject, only accessible to those with high programming and mathematical skills. This is entirely untrue; machine learning is just the adult version of connect-the-dots, and anybody with a high school education can learn and tackle problems in machine learning.

At Udacity, I am the head of the Machine Learning Nanodegree Team. Our goal is to let everybody know that they can learn machine learning, and give them the right tools for that.



6:00 PM | Doors Open
6:30 PM | Workshop Begins
7:30 PM | 10 min Break
8:30 PM | Networking
9:00 PM | Doors Close

* Basic/Intermediate algebra (useful but might not be necessary)
* Basic Computer Skills (might share slides or jupyter notebook with students prior to workshop)


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