AI Research Discussion: Towards the diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease with AI

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AIDLE is excited to host the recipients of the Titan V Graphics card gifted by NVIDIA at the 2019 GPU technology conference for a special research discussion with a presentation describing their efforts at CITEDI-IPN.

Towards the diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease with eye movement analysis and other advances conducted in our research center.

Dr. Jessica Beltrán and Dr. Mireya S. García-Vázquez

Dr. Jessica Beltrán received her bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering from Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora. She received her Master and PhD degree in Computer Science from CICESE,MX. She was a participant in a Marie Curie project and was a Faculty Scholar in the Grace Hopper Celebration Conference. She currently works as a research fellow from CONACyT assigned to IPN-Tijuana. She is interested in pervasive healthcare and machine learning. More about her research can be found in

Dr. Mireya García received her Ph.D. Degree in Signal and Telecommunications with honors from the Rennes University I, Rennes, France. She did her Post-doctoral studies in laboratory R&D PILIMTEC in incubator enterprises at the École Nationale Supérieure des Telecommunications de Bretagne (ENST Bretagne), Brest, France. She was a leader in research projects at national and international levels, with San Diego State University, USA under a Fulbright Grant and with two prestigious French research centers in computer sciences (CNAM and LABRI) under the International French-Mexican Grant. At the academic-administrative level, she was Director of a Research Center in Tijuana, MX and then Director of the International Office of IPN. She is currently Research Advisor at IPN Research ́s Office and Professor at IPN-CITEDI. She is also the leader of the Special Projects Laboratory. Her research interests are multimedia indexing, visual content with Deep neural machines for different applications like healthcare.

In this talk, we will review current advances in eye movement analysis related to the diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease. We will discuss the challenges and future directions in this field. Additionally, we will show different projects related to AI that we conduct in our lab in our research center (CITEDI-IPN, These projects include pervasive healthcare and indexing of multimedia content (

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