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Accel AI Institute and the LatinX in AI Coalition are excited to be community partners with TWIMLcon!!

This is a new conference focused on the platforms, tools, technologies, and practices necessary to enable and scale machine learning and AI in the enterprise. It’s called TWIMLcon: AI Platforms, to be held October 1-2, 2019 at Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, CA.

Learn More: https://twimlcon.com/

I will be attending, and believe your participation in the Summit would be beneficial. Use this discount code, applicable for a full access pass to the conference. Input the ACCELAI20 to get 20% off when registering.

Check out their volunteering and scholarship opportunities:

About TWIMLcon: AI Platforms

TWIMLcon will offer real world, practical discussions that help you grow your knowledge, skills and career, plus great opportunities to share, learn and connect with a community of like minded data science, machine learning, platform engineering and MLOps practitioners and leaders.

Some of the topics include:

- Overcoming the barriers to getting ML and DL models into production

- How to apply ideas like AutoML, MLOps and DevOps to your machine learning workflow

- Experiences and lessons learned in delivering platform and infrastructure support for data management, experiment management, and model deployment

- Platform deployment stories from leading tech companies and traditional enterprises

- Organizational and cultural best practices for success

TWIMLcon: AI Platforms is brought to you by the team behind the TWIML AI Podcast (a.k.a. This Week in Machine Learning & AI). The conference has its roots in a series of interviews on the topic of AI Platforms published back in the fall of 2018. The series—which featured interviews with ML Platforms and Infrastructure engineers and leaders from Facebook, Airbnb, LinkedIn, OpenAI, Shell and Comcast—resonated very strongly with listeners and remains one of our most popular series to this day.

We hope you’ll join us for what is shaping up to be an important community event.