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This group is for anyone who is interested in learning and applying latest Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning algorithms. Intention is to create broad group with applications varying from Data Science to Robotics. Primary goal of the group is to create a network of AI/ML practitioners/Data Scientists/ML Hackers to share knowledge and leverage each other experience. Further goals are building programs and partnerships to support the growth and diversification of the AI/ML industry such as job and academia grant promotions, startups funding, etc.

Meetups have following formats:

- Practicals: format 0.5h mins theory, 1.5h coding, 0.5h demo

- Mini hackathon: 3h coding, 1h demo

- Gatherings/networking sessions: 1h product pitch/presentations, 2h networking

Mailing list rules:

- You can use mailing list only with regards to group activities. Any promotion of 3rd party groups, meetups and activities ONLY after organizer's approval.

Past events (13)

Brunchwork w/ Sequoia & Magic Leap / 20% off

OnePiece Work - San Francisco

Large Scale Distributed Training and Serving DNNs with Kubeflow
Intel AI DevCon 2018 / MAY 21-23 / 40 Sessions / Hands-on-labs and More

Innovation Hanger @ Palace of Fine Arts

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