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Networking the Northern Ireland AI community is the core mandate that drives AI NI. This will be achieved through organising events that target a wide range of demographics that include companies, students and academia. Each of these events (Belfast based initially) will be comprise presentations, workshops and panel discussions designed to educate & stimulate discussion but more importantly highlight the amazing Northern Ireland AI community.

All experience levels are welcome, whether you have a PhD or are just starting out, the events organised by AI NI will be catered to ensure you always can learn something new. The intention is not to baffle you with linear algebra but rather inspire and showcase what is possible today if you are interested in AI.

You can contact us through our Twitter page ( https://twitter.com/ai_ni_community ) or by contacting any of the organisers. If you are working on something interesting in the space of AI / ML please do get in touch with us and we would be happy to give you a platform to show your work.

AI NI is supported both by Kainos and Digital Catapult Northern Ireland, they have been key components that have led to the inception of this community.

We are looking forward to engaging with you all :)

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AI NI 14

Online event

AI NI is back! ... Virtually. This is our first remote event since our COVID-19 instigated hiatus. In this event we are presenting a bite sized event with three compelling speaker contributions ranging across community initiatives, horizon scanning and exciting applications of AI in cancer patient stratification. This event will be hosted by our AI NI's own, Austin Tanney. Each talk will last around 15 minutes with scope for Q&A after the fact using the built in Zoom functionality, attendees can ask questions as the talk progresses and an organiser will triage accordingly. Finally, a big thanks to Allstate Northern Ireland for sponsoring the event, kindly allowing us to leverage their Zoom license and providing Amazon vouchers that will be give out to some attentive attendees. Jordan McDonald - 15 AI Highlights in 15 Minutes You may recognise Jordan as a regular host of AI NI events past. What you may not know is Jordan is an active spectator in the ever growing, ever changing AI technology tapestry. He has a passion for using the latest AI tooling to deliver tangible business value via his role as a technical leader in AI software delivery. In this event Jordan is stepping down from the podium to give a rapid fire overview of key AI developments that have emerged in the past few months. Computer vision, NLP and beyond will be discussed and dissected to help you navigate the AI landscape and separate what developments are truly signals among the noise. Brian Cleland (Allstate) - AI x Smart Cities Brian currently works with Allstate AI Centre of Excellence as an AI Software Engineer. Before that he spent a number of years as a Researcher in Data Science on the MIDAS Project with Ulster University. The increasing availability of low-cost high-quality sensors has led to a proliferation of community-based IoT projects across the globe. This talk will focus on a Newry-based smart city project that uses open source AI-enabled devices to collect real-time environmental data. It will explore how machine learning techniques can be used to analyse and interpret that data in meaningful ways. Matt (Sonrai Analytics) - How Sonrai Analytics Leverages AI Passionate data scientist and bioinformatician with almost 10 years experience in the field of precision medicine. Attained a PhD in Cancer Bioinformatics in 2016. Awarded a Health Data Research UK fellowship in 2018 to pursue bowel cancer research. Joined Sonrai Analytics as Head of Data Science in 2019. His current work involves developing novel methods of stratifying cancer patients to improve outcomes using machine learning. ***** Our zoom link is visible on this page once you RSVP, we will also email the link in advance of the Meetup as well to ensure nobody misses out, *****

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