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Arts Unity Movement (A.U.M.) is a San Mateo based non-profit focusing on elevating lives through mindful practices, expressive and healing arts.

A.U.M. is also home to NewGround Theatre Dance Company, which produces storyline productions that thematically encompass messages of hope, unity, inner change, and well-being for ourselves and the planet. The core company of dancers are an eclectic group of trained performers in a variety of dance styles.



VEIN OF GOLD WORKSHOP – Tuesdays 6:30 to 8:30pm. Vein of Gold is a year long approach that uses tools from the Artist Way by Julia Cameron but offers an opportunity to go even deeper. It will start with the Kingdom of Story. The book goes into depth though many ways we sense the world, such as hearing, sight and touch. We will engage in weekly art projects while we share our explorations. You don’t need to be a self-identified artist to participate.


Art Based Grief and Loss Group Wednesdays 10:30am to 12:00 noon. This is an opportunity to explore any unresolved grief and loss issues through the creative arts in a safe environment. Explore the five stages of grief that are commonly identified: Denial, Bartering, Anger, Depression and Acceptance. These may or may not occur in any particular order and they may continue to cycle as grief is processed. All levels of artistic experience are welcome, from no experience to self-identified artists. Sliding Scale $15 – $25. Roberta Wentzel-Walter, MA, ATR-BC Board Certified Art Therapist


Inner Calm 6:00-7:00

A New Group for Women that Combines:

Breathing and Alignment, Simple Stretch and Strength, Relaxation and Guided Movement, Visualization and Meditation, Inspirational Readings, Support and Discussions.

Sliding Scale $10-$15

No previous experience in yoga or meditation necessary

Wear comfortable clothes suitable for easy movement and relaxation

REIKI/HEALING HANDS NIGHT - 2nd Thursday of the month 7:30PM-9:00 PM. Experience the relaxing and healing benefits of Reiki from a group of certified Reiki practitioners/Reiki Masters. 30minute sessions available by appointment.To schedule an appointment, call 650-569-1276


Couples Salsa Night 7:30-9:45 See site for dates.

7:30-7:45 Registration

7:45-8:45 Salsa Instruction

8:45-9:45 Open Dance. Rotating assistance by instructors available.

Bring your spouse, your partner or a friend. No previous dance experience necessary. No rotating of partners expected during instructions

Please wear comfortable clothing and easy moving soft soled shoes.


Basics of Inner Meditation 9:00AM-10:00AM

Inner meditation is a particularly beneficial practice. You look at, listen to, and concentrate on the insides of your own self by applying few basic techniques in concert, such as good body posture, proper breathing methods, relaxation, and mental power. It brings all your attention and awareness inward and circulates energy flows inside your body.

This triggers profound changes in the body and the brain. It develops and improves body energy flow, also known as qi (pronounce chee). The development of qi within your own body enhances health, generates a sense of calm and well-being, and replenishes inner energy reserves. Furthermore, it develops awareness and consciousness based on improved body conditions, and this leads you along on a path of spiritual enlightenment.

In this meetup, we will guide you through inner meditation practices step by step, so that you will be able to practice on your own after class. The class is about one hour, but your own practice session may range from 15 to 30 minutes like most beginners.

$10.00 love offering
http://www.inner-meditation.org (http://www.inner-meditation.org/)


Watch for NewGround Theatre Dance Company performances

Find the Healer Within April 7-8th 2018 10am – 6pm, lunch 1h and tea breaks

Inspire and empower your ability to heal!

This is a hands-on course that will give you practical tools on how to heal yourself and your loved ones using your hands and endless universal energy.

It is suitable for medical and naturopathic practitioners, chiropractors, and anyone who has a healing practice already or just for your well-being!

Our hands can do so much more than we give them credit for. The human touch is at the core of many healingtraditions from all over the world. In our modern world we have forgotten the healing power off our hands.

The Quantum physics has shown that everything in the Universe, including all forms of matter, music, thoughts even feelings are comprised of energy.

In these two days you will learn how to tune into the subtleties of this energy, how to harness it for healing.

During Camellia’s own healing she practiced different healing modalities on herself – Dahn Energy Healing, Reiki, Bowen Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Qi Gong, Thi Chi and Yoga. She was able to experience how Soul, Mind and Body are responding to each modality. This led her to understand that healing is a process that actively involves the whole being of the person. Real true healing takes time and everyday loving dedication of breaking the old unhealthy patterns and creating new ones on a mind, soul and body level.

After working with hundreds of clients, Camellia intuitively developed a technique – Divine Light Healing. During a session, strong transmission of Divine Light is received, bringing intimate connection with the truth from deep within.

April 12-15th 2018

10am – 6pm, lunch 1h and tea breaks

Awakening the Illuminated Heart

This workshop is the final confirmation, that you mastered your physical life on the third dimensional level and you are ready to experience the next 4th and so on level of existence.We will discuss topics like, Flower of Life, MerKaBa, Archangels, connecting with Higher Self, dimentions, Duality – Oneness, Love – Fear, Forgiveness, Healing, Releasing emotional traumas, Crystals, Third Eye opening, Heart and Brain relatirRelation, Creating and living life from the Sacred Heart and much more…Drunvalo designed this course for you to:
1. Awaken the memory within, who you really are.
2. To remember your part of how all things in creation came into existence.
3. Exactly to remember how to enter into higher consciousness and Ascension.For day by day highlights please see http://www.heartascension.com/#!atih-workshop/f8azt Using simple exercises and meditations you will be guided how to:
– Connect with your Angel and Higher Self.
– Heal emotional trauma through unconditional love, rebirthing Ceremony.
– See Divine Light in everyone with Sufi Blessing Dance.
– Experience Mother Earth and Father Sky/Heaven love – feeling the vibration in your body.
– Activate your Beams of Light and recreating your halo.
– Open the Third Eye and Pineal Gland, activate psychic abilities.
– Dance in the Dark to assist in the practice of entering the Heart.
– Enter into the Sacred Space and the Tiny Space of the Heart and connect with the source of all Creation.
Activate MerKaBa from the Heart, from the field of Unity and Love. This is very important step in the evolution of human consciousness – MerKabBa to become living Light field of love.
– Remember how to create and live your life from the Unity Consciousness of the Heart.

Classes We Can Offer if Enough Interest - Gather a group of 3 or more and we'll begin a class!


As girls in our culture approach puberty there is a noticeable decrease in their sense of identity and self-worth upon reaching adolescence. Their IQs can go down and many become overly self-conscious about their bodies and their ability to succeed.

Girl’s Circles help young women discover their feelings about themselves, determine what messages they have internalized about women in our culture, and discover ways to express and empower themselves through art activities in a safe, close community. The Girl’s Circle supports their sense of identity, self worth, and their participation in society. Each week opens with a bonding ritual, followed by a weekly theme for “check-in” and discussion, various activities that are inviting and fun, and a closing circle. Snacks are provided.



60 Minute Classes $10 to $15

90 Minute Classes $15 to $20

30 Minute Healing Sessions $20 to $30

60 Minute Healing Sessions $40 to $60

Workshops $40 to $80

The AUM Center operates solely on a donation basis and your contribution for services is greatly appreciated - no one is ever turned away for lack of funds.

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Norcata Peninsula chapter

Arts Unity Movement

Monthly meeting for NORCATA members to enjoy art and art therapy together.

The Sevenfold Journey: Reclaiming Mind, Body and Spirit through the Chakras

Arts Unity Movement (A.U.M.)

Based up the book The Sevenfold Journey: Reclaiming Mind, Body and Spirit through the Chakras By Anodea Judith and Selene Vega We are meeting on Zoom until we are able to meet in person again. This is a systematic workbook for addressing material in each chakra through a multi-disciplined approach. For example, some of the techniques are meditation, journaling, physical exercises, rituals, political activism and especially art. We have already worked on the root chakra and have just begun chakra 2. If you would like to join do some preparatory work to get caught up. Discovering the areas that are in need of attention will enable us to more fully access our potential and vitality. We begin where we are and proceed from there. No previous experience necessary. We are meeting on line. Bring your own art supplies. Cost is sliding scale $25-$15 per session. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Art based Grief and Loss Group on Zoom

Arts Unity Movement

We are meeting on Zoom for now. RSVP for an invitation. When you experience a loss there is a natural grieving process that can take some time to complete. The cause of grief can be as obvious as losing a loved one through death, divorce or legal action, or as elusive as a lost opportunity or a move away from a familiar environment. In the Grief and Loss Group we provide a safe environment to explore the five states of grief that are commonly identified: Denial, Bartering, Anger, Depression and Acceptance. These may occur in any order and can continue to cycle as the grief is processed. This will be an opportunity to explore any unresolved grief and loss issues through the creative arts in a safe environment, facilitated by a board certified, registered art therapist. All levels of artistic experience are welcome, from no experience to self-identified artist. Group meeting on Zoom for the time being. Cost: $15.00-$25.00 sliding scale. No one turned away for lack of funds.www.artsunitymovement.com

Visual Journaling: Going Deeper Than Words

Needs a location

Zoom group. RSVP for Zoom invitation Most people who journal use words. But words come from the left brain, which interprets experiences through our learned beliefs and expectations. As this breakthrough book demonstrates, there is a more effective way to journal---using images. Simple drawings, crayon art, even doodles and stick figures can help anyone---even those who believe they "can't draw"---move beyond thought into deep reaches of feeling and intuitive knowing. Barbara Ganim and Susan Fox have developed their Visual Journaling technique into an acclaimed workshop. This book, beautifully illustrated with black and white and color drawings from the journals of students in their workshops, makes this enjoyable tool for personal exploration accessible to everyone. A six-week plan of exercises and interpretive activities teaches readers a lifelong practice that can reduce stress, explore conflicts, and overcome obstacles. Its simple techniques can help everyone gain access to "soul-based" inner wisdom.

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Visual Journaling: Going Deeper Than Words

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