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What we’re about
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Arts Unity Movement (A.U.M.) is a San Mateo based non-profit focusing on elevating lives through mindful practices, the expressive and healing arts.

A.U.M. is also home to NewGround Theatre Dance Company, which produces storyline productions that thematically encompass messages of hope, unity, inner change, and well-being for ourselves and the planet. The core company of dancers are an eclectic group of trained performers in a variety of dance styles.


Art Based Grief and Loss Group Wednesdays 10:30am to 12:00 on ZOOM noon. This is an opportunity to explore any unresolved grief and loss issues through the creative arts in a safe environment. Explore the five stages of grief that are commonly identified: Denial, Bartering, Anger, Depression and Acceptance. These may or may not occur in any particular order and they may continue to cycle as grief is processed. All levels of artistic experience are welcome, from no experience to self-identified artists. $20.00,
Moving With Imagery Wednesdays 1:00-2:30 on ZOOM
In this weekly virtual class, we will work with guided meditation, movement, visual journaling and imagery to cultivate a sense of alignment and vitality.

Each class includes a check-in, a short lesson, a guided meditation, art response and sharing of art. The material is loosely based on the book Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery by Eric Franklin.  Imagery affects our bodies.  Through movement and imagery, we learn to cultivate positive change in our lives. No previous art experience necessary.

Learn to access imagery, activate change, efficient movement, body and mind connection, clear blocks to optimum performance, alleviate stress, creative expression, release what no longer serves.

A New Approach To Wellness & Vitality
“4 steps to feeling good and living an authentic, compassionate, and vital life using The BodyMindWise Method”

What do you want in your life?
Why do you want it?
How are you going to get it?
If only to remember what we already know . . .
Our bodies have the answers.

Mind lives throughout your body

The BodyMindWise Method:
Waken and listen to our body’s Innate Network (IN)
Integrate your Innate Network (IN) through gut, heart, head alignment
Synergize and deepen your Innate Network experience through imagery and visual representation
Embody your understanding through shared ritual and ceremony

Roberta Wentzel-Walter, MA, ATR-BC Board Certified Art Therapist 
Graduate of Terra Nova and an artist, writer, photographer, and musician.  For over 30 years Roberta has provided workshops, lectures, and therapeutic services to incarcerated youth, people in recovery, children at risk, elders, and women.

Coleen Lorenz MA, BC-DMT, CGP, Reiki Master
Coleen is an educator, healer, choreographer, and dancer.  Coleen is a board certified Dance/Movement Therapist and has been on faculty at University of Michigan, Notre Dame de Namur University, Canada College, and Notre Dame High School teaching courses in Dance and Psychology.  She has also worked in treatment centers with adults and youth.

Together, Roberta and Coleen are co-founders of AUM non-profit providing workshops, classes, and events.  Their greatest love is to cultivate esteem and expressive freedom through creativity. 

Classes We Can Offer if Enough Interest - Gather a group of 3 or more and we'll begin a class!
As girls in our culture approach puberty there is a noticeable decrease in their sense of identity and self-worth upon reaching adolescence. Their IQs can go down and many become overly self-conscious about their bodies and their ability to succeed. 
Girl’s Circles help young women discover their feelings about themselves, determine what messages they have internalized about women in our culture, and discover ways to express and empower themselves through art activities in a safe, close community. The Girl’s Circle supports their sense of identity, self worth, and their participation in society.  Each week opens with a bonding ritual, followed by a weekly theme for “check-in” and discussion, various activities that are inviting and fun, and a closing circle.

Drama therapy
Drumming Circle
Women's Spirituality*_______________________________________**

90 minute class $20
30 Minute Healing Sessions $40-$50
60 Minute Healing Sessions $100-$150
Workshops $50-$200
The AUM Center operates solely on a donation basis and your contribution for services is greatly appreciated - no one is ever turned away for lack of funds.