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Annual Irvine Global Village Festival


New for our 2011 visit ( Short URL (for twitter, etc): This is "the 10th" annual, emails the event's webmaster. Don't be fooled if we have a low RSVP count. If you click on our venue link (, you will see this is advertized on 10 total Meetup groups with a total of 122 RSVP YESes! (as of now, the night before, 20110930(Sat,pst)2138). Relevant details from our 2010 listing (
Hours: 10am-6pm: please RSVP w/what hours you'll be here. Admission: FREE! Says Official website http://CityOfIrvine.Org/GlobalVillage ( (read for complete details) Orange County’s Largest Multicultural Festival The Irvine Global Village Festival welcomes more than 13,000 guests to celebrate Irvine’s cultural diversity and experience sights, sounds, and tastes of the world representing upwards of 50 cultures. Guests enjoy the mosaic of music and dance on five stages; immerse themselves in cultural and religious displays; indulge in international cuisine; and shop in the world marketplace. This family focused event tantalizes tots with hands-on art projects, games, puppet shows, and activities in a giant, interactive Kids Village. The event was promoted as the #1 activity to attend in OC by OC Register and was highlighted as the Best Festival for 2009 by OC Weekly.

Things to know...

Take the shuttles or bike to the festival - this is the easist way to get to the event. Get info (link) 44 Restaurants selling tastings - sample the flavors of the world. Check it out (link) Close to 100 performances happening on 5 stages, the Martial Arts area, roving entertainment, and Kids on the Green theater. Check them out (link) [25 world religions ( will be putting on displays & info, including Unitarian Universalism (UU) (] WHO could be another event host for this? It's easy: see the details in this next link. To attend, follow (On Meetup, etiquette & things-to-know, especially when RSVPing)LEVV22 (, most importantly: So everyone can sync up & find each other in this big festival, please kindly include the hours you think you'll be there in your public RSVP comment plus your cell# in the private Qs! Event listing by AsianFriendster Destiny ( Key listing history especially NOT covered by comment posts, in order: 20110924(Sat,pst)0521 Meetup auto-emailed out this auto-recurring event, but unfortunately before it had any updates, including it was mis-titled "Irivne Global Village Festival 2010 (4th?)" 20110924(Sat,pst)0530-~06 Seeing this email, I Destiny updated the listing to be complete & accurate. 20110924(Sat,pst)1033- (Aside: 1 RSVP YES total so far, myself.) I Destiny emailed "the web editor" on asking for any changes to this listing plus giving suggestions for their web page. 20110930(Fri,pst)2119- (Aside: 1 RSVP YES total so far, myself; I am concerned that we got so little reply, so will email the group alerting them) I Destiny updated the listing based on email reply from the web editor. Was just a mis-spell in title plus the info that this was their 10th year; also added "..advertized on 10 total Meetup groups..". 20110930(Fri,pst)2227- feature this event and email out all members saying "Hey, this is real, so RSVP" (

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