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Association of Fingerstyle Guitarists Event at the Museum of Making Music

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Nashville father and son artists, Tim Thompson and Myles Thompson will be the headline performers at this upcoming Association of Fingerstyle Guitarists (AFG) event. Tim plays the steel-string acoustic guitar while Myles plays the violin. Tim is a national award-winning guitarist and a very in-demand Nashville studio musician, while his very talented son, Myles, is his #1 student and #1 accompanist. Together they perform on stages throughout the country. They recently released their fourth original CD, titled "Time4Me2Go". CDs will be available for purchase.

This will be the second occasion that Tim and Myles Thompson will be performing for AFG. For those who have not been fortunate enough to have listened to Tim and Myles Thompson perform, prepare yourself to watch two of the most entertaining musicians you will ever come across. They combine great tunes with face-melting finger speed, enjoyable & complicated melodies, and a beautiful combination of sounds created by the intertwining of violin with guitar. Their performances have received glowing praise from multiple acoustic guitar player magazines. The overall AFG event begins at 12 pm. From 11 am to noon, before the AFG event starts, the museum will be open for viewing for the early-bird crowd. The Thompson concert is scheduled from 3 pm - 4:30 pm.

Included in the $15 event donation is the entrance fee to the adjacent Museum of Making Music. Before the headline performances begin, there will be an open-mic session for attendee guitarists to demonstrate the instrumental fingerstyle songs that they are working on. Please see the group president, Greg Atkin, during the event to play a song during the open-mic. Also prior to the Thompson performance, the attendees will break-down into multiple song circles and share guitar playing ideas or play instrumental songs for one another. Overall, this AFG event will therefore include four separate activities in one afternoon: The museum viewing, the song circles, the open-mic session, and lastly, the headline performance by the Thompsons.

The event takes place in the 1st floor meeting room located directly south of the museum front entrance. The NAMM building and Museum of Making Music are wheelchair accessible. There is free parking for attendees. AFG members will start setting-up the PA system at 11 am for those that might wish to purchase their $15 ticket early in order to view the Museum before the AFG event begins.

- 11 am to 5 pm: Museum of Making Music open

- 12 pm to 1 pm: AFG Song circles (bring guitars)

- 1 pm to 2:30: AFG Open-mic

- 2:30 - 3 pm: Break (museum)

- 3 pm to 4:30: Thompson performance

- 4:30 to 5 pm: Clean up and tear-down equip.

This Association of Fingerstyle Guitarists (AFG) event is being presented courtesy of Strum-n-Comfort thumb picks, the world's most comfortable thumb picks. Strum-n-Comfort is a NAMM member. This is not a NAMM-sponsored event. (click for AFG event poster)

Meetup Organizer Message: The Association of Fingerstyle Guitarists is a guitar player club started in 1992. The term "fingerstyle" refers to the act of employing finger-picking methods when playing guitar tunes. Often, the AFG members perform instrumental versions of well-known vocal songs. Our organization is brand-new to and we are attempting to reach-out to like-minded guitarists within the Southern California musician community that might consider attending our future events, participating with the group, and augmenting our club with the unique contributions that everybody potentially brings to the table.

Our "performance" events are open to non-guitar players alike who simply wish to listen to the performances. However, our "teaching" events would likely be of interest only to guitar players. Unlike bar room live performances that frequently have a lot of background chatter, AFG presents performances with everybody quietly listening and watching the magic on stage.

Hope to see you there ! Cordially yours, Jeff Findl, AFG Meetup organizer