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Attention all astral plane travelers! Get on board! Fasten your seat belt...(or not)...leave your baggage behind, and prepare for flight! The fare is free and the flight schedule is what you make it. This is a group for people who are interested in astral, OOB travel or lucid dreaming for spiritual growth. OOB and astral travel and lucid dreaming can easily result in connection to guides and crossed over loved ones, psychic ability enhancement, travel to other worlds and realities, as well as visiting our past and future selves, and, not to mention...loads of fun! This is an interactive group with the purpose of creating a cohesive like-minded group who will learn and actually take part in higher plane travel thru planned, focused trips to various locations. I am an avid OOB explorer, having hundreds of conscious documented OOBE'S. I'm looking for serious fellow travelers to share experience and spiritual growth with. I'll share books, exercises, information, meditations, and everything that I can think of to assist and guide you for success in OOBE's and lucid dreaming. And encourage all who join us to to do the same. Let's prepare for take-off! :)

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