Intellectual Property Protection and Capitalization

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The two most precious resources for any business owner are time and money: intellectual property policies allow not only to protect from unfair competition and illegal usage, but to capitalise the expenses and increase startup investment attractiveness.

About the Speaker:
Andrei Linnik, Managing Director at Dubai Copyright Office
Andrei Linnik is a Managing Director that implements holistic approach
to company development, including comprehensive advisory on intellectual property protection, marketing research, practical implementation and Middle East regional cases.
Andrei has graduated from the Russian University of Humanities, and
has more than 15 years of Strategic marketing experience in the Middle East, covering the multiple trading businesses and its lucrative development.
With marketing background, Andrei specializes on the corporate vision, understanding the needs, future potential and ways of capitalization. Considering the law and its application, variety of businesses and its aims, country of origin and its real practices, Andrei is a senior advisor in the Middle East with the world expertise.

~What is Intellectual property: objects and tools to protect it?
~What is the difference between copyright and trademark?
~Copyright for business assets: registration process, benefits, documents required, procedures to protect your rights, eligibility,
authorities support (for software, website, brand, etc)

Practical Takeaways:
Registering your IP, or at the very least, recognising when you should
do something about registering your IP, can protect your investment
and future proof your business. IP helps you think big with your business and gives you credibility.