How to Build a Brand That Builds Your Business

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Your brand is the more powerful asset in your company's arsenal, and
yet branding is one of the most misunderstood disciplines in the
marketing world. Many people equate it with the creation of a logo and
choosing a color palette, but the reality of what branding is and
its value goes far beyond that.

Join us to discover the true depth of branding, its importance, and
how a strong brand can help propel your business past your

About the Speakers:
Maya Itani is an award-winning marketing consultant specialized in
brand development and strategy. With over a decade of experience in
multinational brand management and entrepreneurship, she capitalizes
on her experience to help ambitious, growing companies detangle the
complex world of marketing.

Maya works closely with clients to build brands that build businesses.

Catch her on @itaniandco across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

In this session you will learn:
-What is a brand, exactly?
-Brand myths, busted
-How to craft the brand positioning statement to serve as a compass
for your entire business

Practical Takeaways:
-A brand is a concept surrounding your product or service, not just the logo.
-Your brand lives in your consumer's mind, not in your office or workshop.
-The visual aspects of a brand have to be a manifestation of the
brand's strategy. Strategy first, logos later.
-Every touchpoint in your business builds your brand, and every
employee influences your brand image.
-You don't need piles of money to build a brand that builds your business!

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