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A Meetup to start and/or finish screenplays. Writers of all experience levels welcome.

Though we look forward to in-person Meetups, all events will be online until further notice.

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TeCh IsSuEs HaVe BeEn ReSoLvEd. We can now have 24-hour video calls! (Not happening)
This is an open table reading! If you can submit your work in advance as a pdf file, I can make sure everyone has access to it. Submissions may be no more than 15 pages (please let us know which pages you want read). We will have time to read and provide feedback for three submissions. We can schedule other submissions for a later date. Our goal is to provide this forum every two weeks.

For submitting authors: You will give a short description of characters/synopsis and set the tone before we read.

Please note, there will be no feedback needed for screenplay formatting. Useful feedback about character, storyline, etc. will be appreciated. Hateful and deliberately negative feedback is not welcome.

All authors are responsible for copyrighting their own work.

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