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Building Thoughtful and Collaboratively Productive Environments / More Recursion

Hello folks! Happy new year! Sorry about the short notice as we scrambled to make the first event of the year happen. Please note that this meeting will take place on a Tuesday, rather than a Monday as is the norm for us, *and* it will be held at a different venue. This month we have *Shelton Davis* and *Theresa Ward* from Empathy Lab to talk about Workplace Empathy - helping individuals and teams building more thoughtful and collaboratively productive environments. To open for them, *Toby Ho* will give a lightning talk on recursion and recursive structures. Main Topic: Building Thoughtful and Collaboratively Productive Environments We will learn about the foundational principles of empathy by sharing research & anecdotes on how it positively impacts individuals and communities. Shelton and Theresa will help the principles of empathy come to life by leading individual and group empathy-building activities through story sharing, listening, reflection, and resources. Empathy fuels innovation! This is what Shelton believes to his core and has recognized throughout his career as an industrial designer and user experience researcher and designer. Through the collection of data from empathy research, he's successfully designed consumer hard goods, mobile applications, web applications, a vehicle interior, device interfaces, and a few developer tools. Now, Shelton is on a mission to help others understand, build, and utilize empathy as a skill to create connections, understanding, and maybe innovations. Lightning Talk: Recursion and Recursive Structures Some of you might have seen Toby talk about recursion last year. This time he plans to dig deeper into the topic and demonstrate recursive structures by showing some practical examples and some recursive algorithms that work with them. Want to Speak? We are on the look out for speakers. We welcome speakers of all levels. If you a beginner at speaking, we recommend that you start out with a shorter length talk. If this is your first time giving a particular talk, let us know and we can give you feedback on your presentation before you give it to the group. If you are interested, please email to [masked]. Please tell us the topic you'd like to speak about and the length of your talk, for which you can choose from: 1. lightning: 5-10 minutes 2. medium: 30 minutes 3. full length: 45 minutes

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