Fighting a Smarter War Against Cancer

Manuel's Tavern

602 N. Highland Ave NE · Atlanta, GA

How to find us

We'll be in the main dining room at Manuel's.

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Dinner and social hour begin at 7:00 pm with an approximately hour-long presentation and question-and-answer session to follow.

Our Open Seating Policy ( will be in effect for this event.

Venue capacity = 80 / Estimated day-of RSVP turnout = 60%

Fighting a Smarter War Against Cancer

Adam Marcus
Assistant Professor of Hematology and Oncology
Emory University

The war on cancer was declared over 40 years ago and though significant progress has been made, there is much to be done. To address this, we now have new research, technologies, and treatments at our disposal that will ultimately lead us into a new and more personalized era of cancer treatment.

In this presentation Adam will describe novel technologies and major advances that have taken place in cancer research. He will show advanced movies of single cancer cell behavior over seconds, minutes, and days, as well as the important information gained from these approaches. The discussion will then move to the genomic revolution and how the combination of single cell research and whole genome sequencing will allow us to wage a smarter and more effective war on cancer than ever before.

About our speaker

Adam Marcus completed his undergraduate degree at Binghamton University. He received a Ph.D. in biology from Pennsylvania State University in 2002, coming to Emory as a postdoctoral fellow that same year. Since then he has held several positions at the Winship Cancer Institute, where he is now an assistant professor. In addition, in 2012 Adam was appointed Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at Emory.

Adam is the Director and Principal Investigator of the Marcus Laboratory ( at Emory, whose goals include

understanding how cancer cells invade and metastasize, discovering diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for cancer cell invasion and designing therapeutics that can target these mechanisms. He is also a founder of Students for Science (, which arranges for research scientists to visit local schools to discuss the work that they do and what it is like to pursue a career in science.

A focus of the Marcus Laboratory work is on the tumor suppressor LKB1, mutations in which are implicated in the spread of lung cancer (photo courtesy of Adam Marcus).