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Meet with us and learn more about disease prevention, reversal and treatment, and how a plant-based vegan diet can make a difference. We have lectures, cooking classes and creative health inspiring programs for you to choose from. The purpose of our MeetUp group is to facilitate building unforgettable relationships and sharing remarkable experiences. We're a unique and dynamic group of Auburn Vegans that value powerful topics like health and wellness, animal rights, environmentalism and beyond. Some of us are vegans and others may simply be committed to learning to be healthier.. Spread the word!

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Preventing Alzheimer's

Zest Kitchen

Watch this short video: https://youtu.be/wPJTwcuRSx4 We now know that the process begins much earlier, by our 20's, and it's not genetic - it's lifestyle. We also know that the earlier we take measures to prevent this condition, the significantly better our chances become. WHY you should attend - so you can prevent Alzheimer's from affecting you and your loved ones. In this seminar, you will learn: > What research shows as the likely biological causes. > The internationally developed findings on how best to prevent. > Steps you can take now to greatly reduce your risk. Guests welcome. Please pre-register with an RSVP that you are going on this page. Free to attend. Listen as Ruben shares his story of having conducted autopsies on people who had died from Alzheimer's. Local Sacramento health expert, Ruben J Guzman, MPH, LMP, author of Evolving Health and living proof of what it takes to lose weight, eat healthy and stay fit. Ruben possesses over 30 years of experience in the health field: attended 3 years at the UC Davis School of Medicine, Master’s degree in Public Health from UCLA specializing in behavioral sciences/health promotion, and is a Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Having gone through his own health challenge and then losing 50+ pounds in 1995, Coach Ruben provides a living demonstration of what it takes to enjoy a lifestyle filled with energy, vitality and productivity. For more information, visit CoachRuben.com

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Eliminating Self-Sabotage

Queen Sheba Ethiopian Cuisine

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