What we're about

We are a group of people who lead teams of people who create software products and deliver software-based solutions in the Auckland region. We meet regularly to discuss common challenges and solutions.

This includes, but is not limited to:

Talent management: organisational design (including scaling), selection, retention, career-path-ing, performance measurement and management (the positive sort, not the process of showing people the door), leading technical people, culture, on-boarding and ramp-up, the gender gap, leveraging brilliant but difficult people (http://firstround.com/review/reddit-and-facebook-veteran-on-how-to-troubleshoot-troublemakers/?ct=t(How_Does_Your_Leadership_Team_Rate_12_3_2015)), graduate programmes, internships, remuneration and recognition, learning and development, formal training, supported formal education (technical and business), leadership development, managing under-performance

Sourcing and partnering: out-sourcing, off-shoring, near-shoring, in-sourcing, recruitment, off-shore hiring, employment brand, government funding and support, distributed teams, distributed team members, contractors

Practice: TDD, BDD/SBE, code reviews, planning sessions, demos, continuous integration, continuous deployment, pair programming, wire-framing, technical writing, performance testing and engineeringProcess: agile, scaled agile, lean, project management, product management, support and maintenance, working with implementation services teams, integrating UX and visual design, strategic planning, measurement, managing technical debt

Tools: workflow, engineering toolchains (design/dev/test/build/deploy), internal vs cloud, CI/CD/DevOps tools, knowledge sharing, knowledge management, team communication

Innovation: hackathons, Fedex days, "labs", “20% time”, research/prototype teams, processes to let good ideas bubble up, entrepreneurship, research commercialisation

Quality (with a capital “q”): quality management systems, audit, compliance, measuring quality, managing quality, educating teams on quality

Architecture: specialist teams and roles, process frameworks, patterns, business meets technology, infrastructure meets software, non-functional requirements

Technology: big and biggish data, cloud, never-ending list of libraries, frameworks, components….

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