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Want to meet others who work in content? We're a bunch of content specialists, content designers, content strategists, content managers and people just interested in this ever-evolving field.

Join us at Spark New Zealand for a new series of in person events, held a few times a year. Listen to an interesting speaker discuss a content topic, enjoy a robust discussion or Q&A, followed by networking over drinks and nibbles*.

A big thanks to Trudy and Carly who ran this so successfully for the last few years, and to previous meetup organisers before them. Now, you'll be hearing from Holly Riverton, Pascale McDonald and Daisy O'Reilly-Nugent, content designers from Spark, as we organise the next series of events for 2023 and beyond.

See you soon!

*Likely to be pizza - just saying.

Upcoming events (1)

ChatGPT and me: Practical ways to use AI and boost your content productivity

Join us for the first talk of 2023, with pizza and drinks! This will be an in-person event held at Spark's head office in Auckland. Rachael Harwood will give practical suggestions for content professionals to use ChatGPT. Plus, enjoy a short overview of how Spark is using AI, with Dr. Habib Baluwala.

About Rachael's talk
She outlines: "Seven months ago I was hard at work, switching commas for em-dashes and back again, when my door was kicked off its hinges. It was ChatGPT.

'Forget your hyphens!' it cried. 'I can show you the WORLD.'

Fun and games soon became a serious collaboration, and now it's a constant companion on my quest for better content.

I'm not an AI expert but, like anyone who's worked with constraints on time and resources, I'm passionate about working smarter not harder.

I want to share examples of how I've used ChatGPT as a tool to support my processes. If it hasn't kicked your door in yet, it will. And I suggest you let it stay."

You'll learn:

  • Practical suggestions for content professionals to use ChatGPT to improve workflows
  • How to prompt and iterate on replies
  • Ways you can use AI to boost productivity right now
  • The risks and shortcomings of ChatGPT

About Rachael Harwood
Rachael Harwood is a content designer with a background in digital marketing. Currently contracting as a digital experience specialist at Unitec, she has also freelanced for IT services company Brightly, as well as AcademyEX (previously The Mind Lab).

Thrust into the real world with a BA in art history and media studies, Rachael started her content career at one of Aotearoa’s largest magazine publishing companies. This was followed by seven years of digital marketing, with a stint as a sub-editor and freelance bylines on topics ranging from Warhammer to street design. It was her introduction to UX writing that sparked a true passion for digital content.

When she’s not working, she’ll be reading a book (probably non-fiction or design-related), listening to music or entertaining her two boys.

About Dr. Habib Baluwala
Habib Baluwala is the Domain Chapter Lead for Commercial Data at Spark New Zealand, which means he is charged with expanding the number of machine learning (ML) use cases across the company. He is also responsible for recruitment and talent management.

Before joining Spark, Habib worked in academia in biomedical engineering trying to solve some of the pressing problems within the medical industry. He has a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from the University of Oxford, along with a Chief Data Officer Certification and Executive Data Science Certification.


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