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If you would like to get in to mountaineering or sometimes just have someone to workout with that pushes you to the next level, join us. We will do simple hikes from areas around Austin (Greenbelt) to more challenging hikes like big bend or circling lake Georgetown in a day, all the way to Nepal treks. We aren’t into paying someone to do this for us but learning how to do this on our own (but will use guides for certain circumstances).

We are looking for more volunteers to schedule events. If you would like to take on hosting a few of these please message Jake for more details.

We are implementing a Class based member system. This is in no way a determination of your abilities but only a way for us to determine what mountain you are ready for next. Please see definitions below. You may not hike a Class of mountain above your membership class with Austin Mountaineers. I.E. if you are a class 1 member you cannot go with us to a class 2 mountain etc. If you feel you are improperly classed by the co organizers please reach out to me. These classes are meant only to make the trip more enjoyable to all.

Class 1-All new members. If you have not hiked with us locally you are automatically put into this class. You may remain in this class until you have been moved up by the organizer or a co organizer. You cannot go with us on a class 3 hike at this point and only permitted class 2 on special circumstances. Three no call no shows on RSVPs will automatically reset your class to class 1. We need to rely on each other.

Class 2- You have hiked with us numerous times locally and have the fitness for the next level. Observed in minor bouldering and decision making regarding routes. Must hike a Class or Class 2 14er with the group to be moved to Minor Class 3.

Minor Class 3- Observed in real scenarios bouldering and choosing routes. Must be able to navigate rocks comfortably and not hesitate in decisions. Must hike multiple easy class 3 14ers or routes with the group to move to next level. Must have some snow/ice experience to move to next level. This is also where you should be proficient in map reading and navigation

Major Class 3- Ready to test some difficult Class 3 Mountains/routes. This status is just before rope and harness including Rainier or more technical climbs.

Class 4- Climbs such as 14ers Castle, Longs, and Rainier are in this category.

Please remember these are not to suppress anyone but only to let you know what you need to work on to get to the next level if that is your goal. If you are satisfied where you are then that is ok as well. Please keep an eye on headers of each meetup scheduled to know if it is your cup of tea or not.

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