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What's Happening: Austin Rules
It's not only the state legislature or the federal government we need to pay attention to about regulations — things are happening right here at home. Lately, cities across the country, including Austin, are requiring businesses in their jurisdiction to follow employee rules they pass. Our guest speaker, Rebecca Melançon, Executive Director of Austin Independent Business Alliance (AIBA), has been keeping up on these laws that affect EVERY business of every size that does business or is based in Austin. What do you need to know? What more is coming and where does it come from? How can you keep Austin a great place to work without going broke? Learn how you can have your voice heard because Rebecca needs our help. You will also learn more about AIBA and how its IBIZ Districts can help you grow your business. We will start right at noon so please be on time. Come early if you want to eat and sit with our speaker. Bring cards to share and be prepared to share a recent success! The meeting is free but please be prepared to spend at least $10 to defray the cost of the room. This is a program of the Austin Small Biz Success Meetup and the Business Success Center but everyone is welcome. Host: Jan Triplett, Ph.D., CEO, Business Success Center and author/speaker on the 100+ Ways to Fund a Business. What can I bring into the event? • Questions. • Business cards and an introduction. Everyone will introduce themselves. Everyone will share a recent personal or business success. • Money to pay the restaurant for what you order.

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