What we're about

Level up your EQ for more connection, freedom, harmony, and power.

What you get while enjoying the company of like-minded people:


- Curing social anxiety.

- "Thinkers" to better understand with "feelers".

- "Feelers" to protect yourself when feeling more than you want to.

- Parents to create more connection, understanding, trust, and cooperation with children.

- Turning anger into peace.

- Increasing cohesion, effectiveness, and efficiency in business environments.

- Learning to be empathetic in crisis.

- Roommates to increase harmony, community, and ease.

- Using empathy in crucial conversations without sounding like a mystic, psychiatrist, or creep.

- Quick and easy conflict mediation that works.

- Amping up your negotiation skills.

Resources (optional):

Get the physical card game we play at most meetups: https://clearsay.net/play-to-evolve

Get the mobile game (w/EmpathyBot a.i.) for increasing your EQ: https://empathybot.net (https://ClearSay.net/mobile)

Videos, animations, and articles showing NVC / Practical Empathy in action (This is a website created by the group's founder, Scott Swain): http://ClearSay.net (http://clearsay.net/videos.asp). The site is also a resource for Voluntaryism, peaceful parenting, and unschooling. Scott's bio: https://clearsay.net/bio-scott-swain (https://clearsay.net/bio-scott-swain/)

Facebook page: https://facebook.com/groups/ClearSayNVC (https://www.facebook.com/groups/ClearSayNVC)

Telegram group: https://t.me/nvc_pe_eq (https://t.me/nvc_n_pet)

YouTube: If you look up "Center for Nonviolent Communication" or "Marshall Rosenberg", you will find many videos on NVC / Compassionate Communication.

Center for Nonviolent Communication: A group that helps to spread Compassionate Communication around the world: http://www.cnvc.org

Upcoming events (1)

In person: Practical Empathy Casual Practice & Play - Smile Friendly & Free

Central Market Cafe - Central (N. Lamar location)

Come level up your communication and connect with like-minded people!

In the outdoor patio area. Look for yellow/orange cloths tied to table OR on laying on the table if no poll.


We practice "Practical Empathy"; based on NVC and "cognitive" empathy which increases our understanding of ourselves and others. Bonus: users of "affective" (emotional) empathy become easier to understand and accept. Reading the book Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is encouraged but NOT required.

PLEASE NOTE: The group has "PLAY" in the title for a reason. While there is serious talk and SOME learning of use of tools for empathy, etc., there is humor in the group (from me, often dry or even - gasp - edgy or irreverent), so if you have a low value for humor or you get easily offended, you may wish to pass on this group.


We eat and drink while getting to know each other. We may chat a bit, philosophize, practice empathy, analyze situations presented by attendees, and/or play games designed to increase emotional intelligence and create deeper connection.

Depending on general group curiosity/desire to learn some actual Practical Empathy (PE), Scott MAY give a 10 minute talk on the basics of PE or some specific point. However, we are moving away from focus on "the tool" of how we empathize. Scott will be using it himself as an example and welcomes any NVC or PE users to do so, as well. But the tool-set will no longer be the focus. NVC and PE "experts" are still welcome to come practice their empathy and it's a guarantee they will have many opportunities!


See the mobile version of the game we play most at the group: https://EmpathyBot.net. Especially useful for the online meetings. EmpathyBot is an a.i. Scott created that can help learn and practice empathy! A cheap Android version and a free version available. That and ordering of the physical deck at https://ClearSay.net.

If you are curious about PE or NVC, you can utilize these resources:
- The primary book: https://1lib.us/s/nonviolent%20communication.
- Many free NVC-related resources are at https://ClearSay.net, including videos of classes, fun instructional animations Scott created, and articles.
- As Scott's book, Practical Empathy, nears finish, he has been posting excerpts (full chapters) with free access to anyone here: https://peakd.com/c/hive-180595/created


Scott's approach is based 89.6% on the book Nonviolent Communication (NVC) by Marshall Rosenberg. Influenced by many others, including Byron Katie, Buddhism & Taoism, Four Agreements, Punished by Rewards by Alfie Kohn, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Conscious Discipline by Becky Bailey, et al. Topics we discuss may include romantic relationships, parenting, friendship, and business relationships.

Also, the importance of objective observance, needs/wants/values/motives, feelings, the difference between feelings and thoughts, the difference between needs/wants/values and strategies, how to choose words so others really hear us, and how to more deeply understand others.

Also: practice of turning our NVC-style empathy into phrases that sound more natural and are less likely to stimulate defensiveness or vomiting.


My preference is for people to SHOW UP ON TIME and LEAVE WHENEVER THEY LIKE. If you show up late, while we may want to catch you up, time may not allow. Also, please consider one thing we practice is being authentic and vulnerable, so a person showing up 20 minutes late might impede free sharing or at the very least require re-introduction. If no one RSVPs or shows up after 15-20 minutes of start time, Scott may leave/cancel.

Hope to see you there :-)

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In person: Practical Empathy Casual Practice & Play - Smile Friendly & Free

Central Market Cafe - Central (N. Lamar location)

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