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Authentic Relating Los Angeles is for people who want to create more authentic, intimate relationships in their lives - and have fun doing it! We are a 501(c)(3) dedicated to create authentic community and vibrant connections in the Los Angeles metro area.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and found yourself hanging on their every word? Heart wide open, your eyes filled with tears, and the goofiest smile ever on your face? Inspired by the work of Authentic World in San Francisco, our Authentic Relating Games Nights and Circling events are designed to give you that experience, often times with people you've never even met before. We host events that help you connect more deeply with yourself & others, while creating a space where you can discover how much richer and more thrilling it can be to speak the moment, share impact with each other, be truly seen, and more than anything to just BE YOURSELF.

Our events are a chance to take your relating much deeper...beyond the mere “data exchanges", and will give you tools to take out into the world to create more rewarding interactions with everyone in your life.

All are welcome, and we look forward to connecting with you!

“ In order for connection to happen, we have to allow ourselves to be seen. Really seen." Dr. Brené Brown


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[VIRTUAL] Drop-In Men's Group (Pay with link in description)

Needs a location


To confirm your RSVP - You must pay via ​https://evolutionary.men/event/drop-in-mens-group-10-18-21-500pm-pst/

**SPECIAL NOTE** - This is a virtual event until further notice. You will be sent a ZOOM link by when you have paid.

Join us for an evening of connection, community, and support/challenge for men.

**Text[masked] if you have problems getting the link**


Men's Group has been one of the most profound, grounding, and useful practices I've engaged with since I joined my first group back in 2007 in Boulder, CO. While I deeply value and have benefitted tremendously from mixed gender relational practice, there is something undeniably unique and powerful about a tribe of men in circle together.

I've been in a closed men's group of my own here in Los Angeles for the last 4 years, and in sharing my experiences there many men in our community have expressed desire for something similar. The aim is for the drop-in group to be a place where men can connect and possibly even branch out and start closed groups of their own.


Drop-in does NOT mean you can just show up whenever you feel like it during the evening. Prompt attendance throughout the duration of the night is required to create a safe and powerful container.

What it DOES mean is that while we're ultimately one tribe of men, you don't have to come to every meeting, so if you can only come every few months, no problem. Or come every time, whatever works for you.


My intention is to create a space of both SUPPORT and CHALLENGE during our evenings together. We'll have space to share what difficulties are present in our lives while receiving the support of other men, and also having the container hold each other accountable for making the changes we each want to make to lead deeper and more fulfilling lives.


You may have attended some of our other Authentic LA evenings where we do the relational practice known as circling. Drop-in men's group will have some circling, but will not be only that. I'll be experimenting with different formats as the evenings evolve, but on any given night we'll be doing some or all of the following:

• Life checkins

• Open-ended focus circles where we put our attention on and explore the experiences of group members.


To keep the night intimate, I'm capping it at 8 people. This will allow us to go deep and really get to know each other at the level I'd like to be practicing at.

NO REFUNDS or TRANSFERS within 24 hours of the event.

About Jason Lange:

From an early age I felt a deep curiosity about more whole ways of being in the world that led me to work at the Integral Institute in Boulder, CO, co-found the transformational community that is now The Integral Center, begin facilitating relating practices through Authentic Los Angeles, and have studied with and been immersed in men's groups and work with Tripp Lanier, Robert Augustus Masters, John Wineland, and the Authentic Man Program.

"True masculine power happens when courage, integrity, vulnerability, compassion, awareness, and the capacity to take strong action are all functioning together. Such power is potent but not aggressive, challenging but not shaming, grounded but not rigid, forceful but not pushy. Again, it requires head, heart, and guts in full-blooded alignment." -- Robert Masters


Group starts at 7:30pm SHARP. Virtual doors will be closed @ 7:40pm.
Admission: $20. RSVP at the link below to confirm your spot.

Payment: https://evolutionary.men/event/drop-in-mens-group-10-18-21-500pm-pst/

No refunds given within 24 hours of the event, sorry!

Space is limited.

Questions? Email [masked]

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