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Authentic Relating Toronto: Where relating is ART

ART offers events, workshops and courses involving Authentic Relating, Intersubjective Meditation (aka Circling), and Dialogos.

Our intention is to deliver cutting edge practices and experiences that afford us (as individuals and a society) to address our various perennial problems. Sometimes we deliver this intention through a one-of casual drop-in community-style event, or a purpose-focused, closed-group fellowship, multi-month growth-oriented course.

Regardless of the type of event, we use a general underlying framework that affords growth and transformation through addressing what are known as 'states of consciousness', 'structures of consciousness' and 'shadow work'.

While most of our spaces focus on what is known as 'participatory knowing', meaning our events tend to be highly experiential and interactive and through practice we can expand this area of knowing. Some offerings also work on one or more of the other three 'ways of knowing', such as our perspectival (through integration and theory), propositional (theory) and procedural (trainings) ways of knowing.

What is Authentic Relating?
For us, Authentic Relating is a practice of 'authenticity in relationship' (any kind of relationship - familial, professional, intimate, etc.) Here the practice of 'authenticity' is moving more and more towards an outward expression that more accurately reflects our inner experience.

Therefore, as we're all at least a bit different, and we're practicing, there isn't really any 'right way' on how to relate.

Our spaces tend to allow participants to drop trying to come off a certain way, to explore/appreciate whatever arises, while allowing ourselves to 'mess it up'.

For many of our spaces, if we can manage to cultivate even just 1% more connection, transparency, and aliveness in our interactions, we're walking-the-walk.

Though, it's also understood and/or accepted that trying to be authentic all the time is (ironically) inauthentic to many of us.

You can read more about Authentic Relating on our website at authenticrelatingtoronto.com

What is Intersubjective Meditation (ART Circling)?
ART Circling is an organic, in-the-moment interpersonal process that’s equal parts art form, meditation, and group conversation — all designed to allow a visceral experience of connection and understanding of another person’s world, celebrating who and where they are right now.
It’s practicing using our genuine curiosity to better understand and become a connoisseur of another person’s world though present moment awareness while breaking through the assumptions and projections we have about each other.

Different than sitting on a meditation cushion by yourself, Circling is a relational practice. And though it works exquisitely in intimate relationships of all kinds, it can be applied in ALL areas of life because it’s so organic, non-analytical, effective, and fun.

You can read more about ART Circling on our website at circling.ca

What is Dialogos (Dialog-OS)?
In this case, Dialogos references a 'state' we can experience through dialog.

Dia = through, Logos = the word.

ART offers various practices that would be considered Dialogos Practices, practices in which the presence of the 'logos' may be experienced.

Merriam Webster defines Logos as 'reason that in ancient Greek philosophy is the controlling principle in the universe' and while that may sound a bit too new-agey or 'spiritual' to some ears, you can just as easily describe it as the experience of something like a 'collective flow state'.

An experience of getting into 'right relationship' together with whatever has our attention (usually the here-and-now/present moment of the connection between us).

You can read more about Dialog-OS on our website dialog-os.com

Some more about ART
ART has been running events, workshops and courses for over a decade now and in some of those years we have run over 100 in-person sessions within the calendar year.

You can use this group to stay up to date with future offerings once they are posted (online and in-person), or you could sign up for our newsletter on our website at http://circling.ca and there usually get a heads up on upcoming events before the events go live on meetup. Just so you know, we average 1-2 emails per month and you can, of course, unsubscribe at any time.

Upcoming events (1)

Connection Lab - Boundaries

Sterling Studio #4


Theme: Boundaries

Important Note
Connection Labs are $30 (taxes incl). (Please send us a private message if finances are a barrier for you!)

NOTICE: Not actually closed for RSVPs - Meetup suddenly started charging a $2.36 "Partner Commission" on all paypal payments. Please pay via Interac EMT or directly at PayPal.Me and I'll manually add you until we sort this out.

Join us as we play a variety of Authentic Relating games that involve exploring others' worlds and speaking your truth. Connect with like-minded people interested in having fun with curiosity, self-discovery, and saying what we actually mean.

Please note the doors are open at 7pm and we start by 7:15. Doors close after introductions (no latecomers admitted).

Note: Event Space is not Wheelchair Accessible.

7:00 - 7:15: Arrive, sign-waiver and settle in

7:15 - 9:15: Relating Games! (with a halfway break)

9:15 - 9:30: Casually connect with other participants.

Shoot your questions on the event wall.

---Event Payment / Secure RSVP ---

Please note only the first 30 to pay can be admitted. To secure your spot, when RSVPing here on Meetup you'll be asked to pay via Paypal and automatically added to the list on completion of payment. If you pay via Interac EMT to [masked] and notify us of your meetup username so we can add you to the RSVP list.

--- Event Description ---

Authentic Relating games are opportunity to practice taking risks in relating in a comfortable environment, helping you to ask insightful questions and experience deeper, faster, and more present connections. You will be invited to explore—to the degree you are willing—the edges of what you think you can know about yourself, others, and what is possible in relationship. Past participants have described our events as a safer space than most, allowing them to feel more at ease in this sometimes-foreign territory. We invite you to come and meet like-minded peers, interested in having fun with curiosity and self-discovery, in an environment where saying what we actually mean is fully embraced.

*The golden rule is Honour Yourself: ie. don't do or say anything you don't want to do or say. We invite you to check in with yourself regularly so that you are always at choice. We welcome you, when needed, to hold back and say "no".

This event is hosted by Taylor (ART / Dialog-OS / Respond Network), w/support from Cristina

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Connection Lab: Wisdom

Sterling Studio #4