What we're about

Anyone who has a personal interest in Autism/Asperger's. This includes Autistics/Aspies, their loved ones, professionals who work with Autistics/Aspies, etc. We have 3 types of monthly meetings.

January, April, July and October: Autism/Asperger's Advocacy Hearings. (Discussing the specific needs and concerns of Autism/Asperger's community, both locally and beyond, for the express purpose of developing plans to improve the quality of life of all Autistics/Aspies.)

February, May, August and November: Book Study Discussion Group:

We will be discussing a different book pertaining to autism/Asperger’s. This discussion can be led by anyone who wants to.

March, June, September and December: Educating the Public About Autism Discussion Group. (In depth discussions about important issues facing the Autism/Asperger's community.

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