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Autistic Self-Improvement & Advocacy
Since being diagnosed, I’ve observed that most of the Autistics/Aspies that I’ve come across in support group meetings and social media are enslaved to self-hatred. The problem seems oblivious to me, just type “what is Autism” into your favorite internet search engine and then start clicking on the links affiliated with the most reputable Autism Organization. Nationally; Autism Society of America, Autism Speaks and the National Autism Association are at the top of the list. In Arizona; the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center is the top local organization. Go through each of the list and try to find 1 thing on any of them that’s positive or that can provide a foundation for building the self-confidence and self-esteem of Autistics/Aspies. Although none of these organizations say anything that positively impacts how I view myself, but what I learned in New Wine (a Christian general purpose 12-step program I attended back in the 90s) did. In fact, it was a major point of emphasis for anyone struggling with any addictive/dysfunctional behavior. RI International fully embraces the concept that, although Autism isn’t an addictive/dysfunctional behavior, the principles of recovery apply to all human beings no matter what the nature of their struggles. Furthermore, these principles are used to improve the quality of life of individual with every assortment of mental health issues, including those that constitute mental illnesses. Just to clarify, I’m not presenting this information as an official representative of RI International, nor is selling their program my #1 goal. The fact is, there are concepts that I strongly advocate for improving the quality of life of every Autistic and they’re the only major organization that has my back. I would be thrilled if I could add more organizations to my list, especially those that are Autism specific, but I just can’t do so at this point. Until I can, I will not recommend any of them to any Autistic who is struggling and/or wanting to improve their quality of life, but will instead advocate the path that has worked so well for me.

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