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The Autistic Psychedelic Community (APC) is a safe space to learn about, discuss, & explore the intersection of neurodiversity, psychedelics, altered states, non-ordinary states, visionary states, etc.

About Our Organizers:

This group is co-facilitated by autistic author Aaron Paul Orsini & UC Irvine Neurobiology B.S., Justine Lee

Aaron's Bio:

Aaron is an autistic author & online community organizer seeking to raise awareness & increase collective understandings at the intersection of psychedelics & neurodiversity. After publishing his book memoir, Autism on Acid: How LSD Helped Me Manage, Understand, Alter & Appreciate My Autistic Perceptions ( available for free @ http://www.autismonacid.com ), Aaron began receiving messages from other neurodivergent individuals who'd experienced similar subjective benefits from LSD & other psychedelics. Inspired by these messages, Aaron co-founded the Autistic Psychedelic Community with the help of Justine Lee.

Justine's Bio:

Justine is a graduate student in pharmacology at University of California, Irvine under the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Previously: BSc in Neurobiology, UCI; National Honor Society Member, Neuroscience). She is currently investigating the neurobiology of psychedelic compounds with respect to their therapeutic potential in the context of autism & other neurological conditions. In conjunction with her academic pursuits, Justine co-facilitates online APC support meetings while elucidating evidence-based research & other neuroscience topics.

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