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Meet to listen and discuss Dr Bradshaw's "7 deadly myths of autonomous systems"

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Come join us to listen to and discuss Dr. Bradshaw's "The 7 deadly myths of autonomous systems."

Dr. Bradshaw is in town from Florida and we are lucky enough to have him come speak at our first meetup!

It will be a casual get together, with Dr. Bradshaw presenting his research along with some Q&A and discussions. Don't be shy, come join us!

The Seven Deadly Myths of Autonomy

Abstract. In this talk I will explore some misconceptions surrounding the topic of “autonomous systems.” The immediate catalyst for this essay is a recent US Defense Science Board (DSB) Task Force Report on “The Role of Autonomy in DoD Systems” (DoD). The reference in the title to the “seven deadly myths of ‘autonomous systems’” hearkens back to the “seven deadly sins.” They were so named because of their intrinsic seriousness and because the commission of one of them would engender other acts of wrongdoing. As designers conceive and implement what are commonly (but mistakenly) called “autonomous systems,” they adhere to certain myths of autonomy that are not only damaging in their own right but also, by their continued propagation, because they engender a host of other serious misconceptions and consequences. In this talk I will give reasons why each of these myths should be put to rest once and for all.

Speaker. Jeffrey M. Bradshaw (Ph.D., Cognitive Science, University of Washington) leads the research group developing the KAoS policy and domain services framework for network management and the coordination of human-agent-robot teamwork. His group is collaborating with the NSA-sponsored Federal Digital Policy Management (DPM) Initiative, which has selected the KAoS core ontology as the basis for its future standards efforts. Jeff also co-leads the development of the Luna Software Agent Framework and the Sol Cyber Framework. Jeff has been an Associate Technical Fellow for The Boeing Company; a Fulbright Senior Scholar at the EURISCO in Toulouse, France; a visiting professor at the Institut Cognitique at the University of Bordeaux; is former chair of ACM SIGART; and former chair of the RIACS Science Council for NASA Ames Research Center. He currently serves as a member of the Board on Global Science and Technology for the National Academy of Science and as an external advisory board member of the Cognitive Science and Technology Program at Sandia National Laboratories. He is an Honorary Visiting Researcher at the University of Edinburgh, and is a member of the Graduate Faculty at the Florida Institute of Technology.

1215 Bordeaux Dr · Sunnyvale, CA
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