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The year is 2016. You are in San Francisco. You are ready to awaken. Actually, you've been awakening. You’ve read spiritual books and maybe attended meetings and retreats. You love Awakening Conversations that deepens your Presence. You are ready to give up ego, drama, suffering, mirages, and unconscious relationships. The ego is not as ready to give up sometimes. We can together create this space to return to peace.

You want to find inner peace, conscious loving and continue on your next step in your spiritual journey. You still have to juggle work, family, money, health and other challenges at the same time. Or, maybe not.

You are interested in self-realization, enlightening relationships, freedom, happiness, harmony and even prosperity and raising human consciousness in the world. You are spiritual, not necessarily religious, but still living in the horizontal world of form.

Spiritual teachers you like: Eckhart Tolle, Buddha, Byron Katie, Adyashanti, Nisargadatta, Ramana Maharshi, and many others. Your favorite spiritual books: The Power Of Now, A New Earth, Loving what is, ACIM, Tao, BG, and many other books about enlightenment, awakening, personal growth, yoga, healing, helping, consciousness and spirituality.

What (format): mostly awakening conversations and book club & study group of the most helpful spiritual teachings of all times.

I am a spiritual student and seeker just like you. I had similar groups in my home for years before moving to SF almost a year ago based on the Practicing Presence format of Eckhart Tolle right after the 2002 retreat. We had a silent nature meditation walk prior to the Saturday morning meetings. I love SF and want to participate, share in the awakening, meet other interested people and go from there. My most recent favorite spiritual book is ‘I am that’, but I love many spiritual books and have had a collection of hundreds only to find out the simplest way to enlightening.

Please, when you sign in do not include website addresses or promotional information. Thank you so much.

"Whether or not you are engaged in a lot of "doing" in your life, "being" is primary. If you lose touch with being, you lose yourself in your mind, you lose yourself in doing, and you won't do any good for anybody, really." Eckhart Tolle

Join the conversation or just come and listen in Presence.




January: Detox 2011: Awaken 2012. Returning to Presence and healing the past, present and future.

February: Enlightening Relationships; Conscious loving without drama or suffering. Ending the cycle of mirage to mirage and disillusionment; finding your soul mate begins within.

March: TBA

April: Tue/Wed 10-11 Eckhart Tolle in SF

Book Club/Study Group:

January: The Power of Now, A guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, part 1

February: TPON, part 2

Practicing Presence Group based on Eckhart Tolle’s suggestions: silent meditation, DVD, silent meditation and awakening conversations. February: DVD from the India retreat in February 2002

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