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May 2021 COVID-19 UPDATE: In 2020 an email was sent out to Awakening Asheville advising all in-person meetups should be postponed or moved to virtual attendance only. As of May 2021, event hosts can have in person gatherings at their own safety preparations and discretion. Please direct question/concerns to the contact listed on the event if you need need more information. Thank you, and be well! Courtney

We are an LGBTQ+ BIPOC safe spiritual group that enjoys the coming together of community lightworkers sharing our journeys. We offer meditations, healing energy, and many different workshops. Come join us!

We welcome everyone and encourage all to share their expertise and offerings. If you have an event or gathering you wish to share, please contact the group organizer for postings. There is no charge to post, but in exchange for being able to promote for free, we encourage event hosts to offer something at no cost at some point, so the knowledge and spiritual expansion of this group can be available to all regardless of their finances.

Upcoming events (4+)

Antisuyu Monthly Wednesday Night Shamanic Link Up on Zoom with Amy Isakov

The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Link-Up is a wonderful opportunity to energetically connect in soul presence with the circle of PMT practitioners worldwide, strengthening the Great Work of our shamanic planetary tribe. The power that is being harnessed and transmitted is deep and sentient nourishment for our Mother Earth! Learn more about Link-Up.


Facilitator: PMT Sanctioned Teacher Amy Isakov
Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87312311978
Contact: [masked]
All are welcome!

Check the THOTH website calendar often as Link-Ups and other Pachakuti Mesa Tradition events may be added!

Vajrayana Training – Online With Pema Khandro


Hosted by: Ngakpa International & the Buddhist Studies Institute

Explore the path of Vajrayana and Great Perfection (Dzogchen)

Online classes, meeting twice a month, students will discover how to understand the pivotal principles of Tibetan Buddhism, make sense of empowerments, and go deep into understanding oneself, one’s own world, and how to make better sense of one’s own mind.

Vajrayana Training is offered in modules. The courses are non-sequential and can be taken in any order.

The Classes generally include a 30-minute lecture by Pema Khandro followed by 30-minutes discussion.

-fuel your inspiration
-discover your hidden depths
-immerse yourself in dharma
-connect with other Buddhists
-cut through fictions to see yourself as you really are
-understanding your mind and emotions
-gain support for ongoing practice and study
-clarify the meaning of esoteric Buddhist philosophy, terms and rituals
-engage Buddhist philosophy to grapple with the issue of teacher student relationships in Vajrayana
-leave behind the maze of information and have a direct encounter with the heart of Buddhism

What is Vajrayana?

Vajrayana is a Buddhist path for utilizing our life experiences as the fuel for the path. Vajrayana is a system of practices to cultivate a wakeful clear presence and connect with goodness in ourselves and others.

In Vajrayana ordinary life experiences become the focal point for our training. Vajrayana refers to a path of “transformation” of these experiences. It is the transformation of thinking, experiencing emotions, embodied experience, visualization, identity, moments of crisis, dreaming and dying into opportunities for connecting with intrinsic wisdom.

The view of the world in Vajrayana is that innate wisdom and potential for awakening is always present. Through Vajrayana meditation practices and Buddhist philosophy, we train to see the world with a “pure view,” an openness to connect with what is good, uplifted, the positive potential. Simultaneously, it is a training to wakefully address subconscious material, habitual neurosis and conditioned scripts within the framework of Buddhist resources for training the mind.

The term “Vajrayana” is used in the Nyingma lineage to refer to Buddhist Tantra and Great Perfection teachings (Dzogchen). The latter refers to a class of Buddhist teachings that have been practiced by non-monastic, non-celibate practitioners, yogis, tantrics and lay people who lived dynamic lives. Vajrayana includes philosophy, visualization, mind training, body-mind yogas, meditation practices and rituals.

Vajrayana, like all of Tibetan Buddhism, emphasizes the importance of relationships. The relationship between the teacher and student, between the student and the lineage history, between the community of people who practice and between the student and their world. These relationships present a complex and dynamic landscape through which the lived meaning of the teachings can be explored. Therefore a personal connection with others who teach and practice Vajrayana is an important ingredient. No book or class can substitute for that. However those experiences can be supported by a strong foundation in Vajrayana views, history and the context of the practices. The Vajrayana Training is offered to provide a foundation and a ground to encounter Vajrayana with understanding, to meet its teachers, adherents, rituals and practices with a sense of their purpose and context.

To learn more and register: https://ngakpa.org/vajrayana-training/

Shamanic Global Healing Meditation Wednesday Night Link-Up facilitated by THOTH

Hosted by The Heart of the Healer Foundation (THOTH)
Join us on the THOTH Facebook Page and contribute to a concentrated global intention for the healing of Pachamama as well as the collective psyche. This is a wonderful opportunity to energetically connect in soul presence with the circle of Pachakuti Mesa Practitioners worldwide, strengthening the Great Work of our shamanic planetary tribe. The power that is being harnessed and transmitted is deep and sentient nourishment for the Earth.
Learn more about the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Link-Up HERE.
NOTE: If you cannot attend this ceremony live, the video recording will be posted on THOTH’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

FB Livestream link to join: www.facebook.com/theheartofthehealer
Ceremonialist: PMT Sanctioned Teachers

Daily Meditation & Support (online)


Hosted by: The Buddhist Studies Institute
IMPORTANT: register here to get zoom link https://buddhiststudiesinstitute.org/daily-meditation/

🌺Guided meditation support and community🌺

🌸Stabilization and Liberation:
In order to liberate our minds– we need stable calm.

🌸Consistency & Commitment:
Stabilizing in calm clear presence takes consistent training.

🌸Support & Community:
Daily Meditation is a container and support for your meditation focus.

Expand your meditation circle- join us online any day or every day!

Formerly known as 100 Days of practice to support a Tibetan Yogis tradition to practice 100 days in the winter, this has now been expanded to continue daily. To learn more and register: https://buddhiststudiesinstitute.org/daily-meditation/